ex's wedding

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I really didnt want to come, it hurt soo much to see your ex and your ex bestfreind get married. Little did he know there was a baby mendes- i want to keep it that way to, i feel like if i tell him it will ruin everything.

I never stopped loving him i just felt like i wasn't good enough for him-when i did he was gone ,not to anyone but your bestfreind who knew how you felt about him- but yet she Still took him.

I was broke by my thoughts when i hear the words "sofia alex gardener do you take this man shawn peter raul mendes to be your lawfully wedded husband" the priest spoke i stood up and walk to the doors at the back i couldn't sit and watch this.

"I do" she said and with that i ran out, i ran to the nearest place there was 'mc Donalds'. I ordered a chicken nugget meal and began to eat it. I looked at my watch before counting down from ten because thats officially when sofia becomes a mendes.

The door opened i raised my head to see who came, i was shocked.


She walked out why, i love her i really do. But she told me to move on soo why this. It was my turn to say i do but do i want to?. "Shawn peter raul mendes do you take sofia alex gardener to be you lawfully wedded wife " the priest said, it was like a light bulb switched in my head i smiled "i do.......not im still in love with y/n and i want her i need her im sorry but i dont love you" (bet you weren't expecting that!!!!!) i looked at everyone's faces to see shock.

I ran out to the nearest place i guess she would be there as her ride is still there. I walked into 'mc donalds' i saw her eating. She lifted her head and looked at me - i walked over to the table "well your hungry" i said jokingly "fuck you mendes and why are you even here why are you not with your wife" i looked at her  in the eyes.

"I didnt say yes i can't i love you when you told me to move on i couldn't i did but i couldn't i only moved on to get my mind of of you , your like a drug your addictive i love you soo much no one else but you please please please im begging you take me back" she stared at me blanky before a smile shot her face

"I love you to and of course ive missed you sooo much" she lent leant over and kissed me "soo how have you been" i ask politely "good but shawn umh how do i put this ....... You have a son" he didn't say anything i became worried "omg im soo happy but angry why wouldnt you tell me something like that can i meet him" i nodded-we finished the nuggets and headed home

"Y/s/n come here please" he came down and gave me a 'whos this look' "soo y/s/n this is your daddy" his face lit up brighter than any lights. He hugged me we both sat on the sofa and talked for hours and hours me and y/n talked and thats how we became

The perfect littel family once again Xx

Hey hope you like it im sorry for slow update i have exams its killing me tell me what you think it means a lot ly guys ~n❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤

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