Youth Fall Part 4 - Sacrifices

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Leina doesn't head home after leaving Adam's, the feeling of seeing her parents before tomorrow was strong in her mind, like she had to go because she won't see them again after tomorrow. At least that's what it feels like.

It has been almost a week since she last saw them due to how busy she has been with her work, she knew they didn't mind though as long as she was safe and well.

She wondered if they knew about who she had used to be, they had never mentioned anyone called Lisa so maybe they didn't. They greet her when she arrives and her mum invites her in for supper, Leina accepts the invitation due to the feeling being so strong so she felt it best to accept.

"Penny sweet for your thoughts?" Sara asks while Leina helps her with the washing up after supper is finished.

"Might take a fiver's worth" Leina replies while she dries a sauce pan. How could she explain to her parents about the past week? She was still trying to accept everything herself, trying to explain it to her parents would be impossible for her.

"We're here if you need to talk about it" Would they be here after tomorrow though? This strong feeling was insistent that after tomorrow she would never see them again, that everything she knew as her life was coming to an end.

"Maybe soon then" Was the best she could say.


Returning home over an hour later, Leina takes the box from her backpack and sets it down on her coffee table in her living room, she intended on having a good look through it's contents in the hopes of more answers.

When she had left her parent's house the feeling had gotten stronger, it was now a strong feeling of finality. That she was nearing the end of the road, but the end of what road exactly? Why was this feeling so strong all of a sudden?

Once she's slipped her coat, handbag and backpack off and slipped on a pair of slippers, she returns to the box and examines it's contents.

So many photos showing her former life from birth to technical death, however that death had come around. Letters from friends and family, mementos of places she had been to in that life, how had Adam managed to get all of this?

She noted that despite looking through all of this that she felt no emotional connection to any of it, they were shadows to her of another life. It was a cold feeling.

She needed more answers and the only person who could give them to her were Adam, but was he finally going to give her those answers and who was the last target she had to erase for the next block of memories?

So many questions and not a single answer for any of them. Tomorrow was going to be a big day for her it seems.



The first phase of the mission begins after a team is sent out to try and retrieve as many personal effects of the remaining agents and council board as possible, it wasn't easy and the most they managed to return with was a box that Adam had made years ago for Lisa made from a type of wood he had managed to get his hands on shortly after they had gotten married.
Inside the box are photos, mementos, knick knacks and more of Lisa's life from birth to the present day. The most recent addition was a photo of their children and grandchildren.

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