Chapter 1

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I don't own PJO. And the names I chose? All random...

Annabeth's POV

I was excited to move back into Manhattan. I would be closer to camp, thank gods, closer to Olympus where I was continuing my job as the official architect of Olympus and best of all, I would get to see Percy again. I hadn't seen him e camp a few weeks ago, but I already missed him like crazy. i was also extremely happy to get away from this guy at my old school, Jimmy, who always tried to hit on me, flirt with me, kiss me, anything annoying that would get my attention. I kept telling him that I already had a boyfriend, but he was relentless. So GOOD BYE JIMMY!!!

I was so excited to start school. Where? Goode High school of course! Where Percy goes! But I haven't told him yet. It was our third year of high school so I was wondering how he fit in, how I would fit in. I did tell Percy's parents though, Sally and Paul. They were so excited that I would be moving back to New York and that I would be attending the same school as their son. Sally treated me like a daughter and she was like my second, no wait, third mom. I also talked to Paul a few weeks ago and he changed my schedule up a bit so I had all of my classes with Percy, except for our elective, and that our lockers were next to each other. I couldn't wait to see him. So when my alarm clock buzzed at 6:00, I was up and out of bed, ready to take a nice soothing hot shower. I then changed into my clothes, dark skinny jeans, a silvery grey quarter sleeve slowly tank top that was gathered at my waist and my matching grey ballet flats. I also put on my owl earrings that my dad had gotten me for a present a while back and I let my curly blond ringlets fall over my shoulders. I also strapped my knife to my hip, not bothering to cover it up seeing as the mist would cover it.

"Annabeth!" My dad yelled, wow, he's up already, "Bobby, Matthew! Breakfast is ready." Bobby and Matthew, my younger twin brothers, younger OBNOXIOUS twin brothers came running down the hall, almost knocking me on my butt, to devour the bacon and eggs my dad had cooked up.

"Annabeth? You ready for school?" My father asked.

"Yeah, a little nervous, but excited to see Percy again." I felt closer to my dad lately. I realized that, after he started to make a better effort at becoming a better dad, he was actually easy to talk to. Easier than my mom, Athena at least. With her, I couldn't even mention Percy and our relationship without her almost wanting to incinerate him. At first, after the Titan war last summer, they started to get on better terms, but then something happened, I think it involved owls, but Percy got on mother's bad side, again. What will I do with him, I think to myself sighing.

"Ok dad, I got to go, I don't want to be late." I said as I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. Goode High School was close enough that I didn't need to take my car, a red convertible Porche, so I just walked. I enjoyed the fresh air anyway. I walked into the office where I saw a small skinny lady, maybe in her early thirties, reading a magazine at a desk with a name tag Ms. Clate.

"Excuse me? Ms. Clate?" I asked, not really wanting to interrupt her reading time.

"Oh, hello. May I help you?"

"Yes, I'm new here. My name is Annabeth Chase."

"Oh yes, Annabeth. Paul has notified me of your arrival. Here is your schedule and locker info. Your tour guide should be here by now, she'll be out in the hall. Right through those doors." Ms. Clate said while pointing at a set of double doors leading out into what looks like a hallway full of lockers and other high school students.

"Thank you."

"No problem."

I walked out to see a girl who was my age. She had straight blond hair, blue eyes, and she was a little shorter than me. She didn't wear make up like some of the other girls I have seen so far who had WAY to much make up on and she had a dark pair of skinny jeans with a pink shirt.