Chapter 7

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I'm still learning to restrain myself jimin comes to me as he does every day and restrains me the vampire called namjoon brung the human into the room as he does but i recognised this human i-it was taehyung I collapsed and cried seeing taehyung in the state he was in blood falling from his neck jimin stopped restraining me instead of attacking taehyung i attacked namjoon I couldn't control myself seeimg taehyung in that state broke me and my trust for them i saw jimin bite taehyung and i attacked jimin took taehyung to the office that i first awoke as a vampire in and the male called jungkook took taehyung to the other brown haired male called jin who puts the blood of a vampire into taehyung turning him into a vampire  i cry and cry but no tears fall from my eyes i scream knowing that he must be in pain jimin smugly walks into the room his eyes meet mine which are filled with hatred for him
|a week later|
I get dragged out of the room I haven't drank any blood for a week they try to make me but they fail,I resist and beg for them to take me back to taehyung,but this day is different taehyung came to the room whilst i stood there slowly losing my consciousness and feeling the need to scream taehyung see's the state I'm in and runs over to me and holds my waist helping me and sits me on the single chair in the room he kisses me and stares into my eyes and says "you don't know how much I've missed you,how worried I've been,how much I've been not be able to do anything worrying about you,asking myself what they had been doing to you" i just look at him wondering how this had happened i bite my lip and face him as soon as i do i kiss him he picks me up i wrap my legs around his waist the people in the room leave without us realising taehyung strips my shirt from my chest and starts leaving a sweet trail of kisses from my shoulder to my neck my back hits the wall behind us he sucks a spot on my neck a moan escapes my mouth i realise he had given me a hickey his lips crash against mine we kiss until we can't anymore as we separate our lips taehyung puts me down so my feet can touch the floor i then pass out where I haven't had blood in a week the last thing i see is taehyung rushing to my side
I know this is shorter than usual but im very tired at the moment and I haven't got a lot of time but i love you guys you support me so much really you all really make my heart warm love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️❤️ mwah lel

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