New friends

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I thought about what happened. * How did I not hate it?! * as I walked back and forth I repeated the question in my head. "I can't do this! I'm going to the studio to dance."

* Time skip *
* I'm finally here! Walking from the apartment to the studio seemed like forever, * I walk into the building twords the practice rooms. In the distance I can hear music playing, as I walked closer it got louder, * I wonder who's here at the is time it's 7 in the morning. * I looked into the room and saw destiny with three other girls, I walked in quietly trying not to make a sound but of course *Bam!* I fall straight on my butt, "Ow... why am I like this," I open my eyes and see eught more staring at me.

"I'm sorry to interrupt Destiny," I said bowing. "Ani! Don't worry about it," she said smiling sweetly.
"So aren't you going to introduce us?" A cute girl with long brown hair said. The other two say in the back one giggling and the other one emotionless, "Ah! Sorry! Y/n, this is Kandace..." she points to the long haired one. "Hello! Nice to meet you!" She said smiling bright. Destiny continued "This is rose, she's the oldest out of all of us..." she said as she pointed to the short haired girl, * Wah...she looks so chic.*
"And lastly Hana! She is shy but when you get to know her she's so sweet and caring," she finished while embracing the emotionless girl. * I can still see her Blush, so cute.*

"It's very nice to meet you all," I said smiling. Feeling like a bother I got up and walked twords the door, when a hand tapped my shoulder "well? Aren't you going to join us?!" Kandace said while the others nodded in the back.

*Well... I need to get my mind off this somehow.* "I guess I'll stay for a while," I said while laughing. *Other than HiRi, I had no other girl friends here...I'm...really glad to have met them.*

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