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Tsuna opened the class door and enter her class.

All her classmate stop their conversation as they thought teacher coming in it.

'' Geez ugly Tsuna you scare all of us here '' Mazaki fumed in anger.

Tsuna bowed.

'' Ugly Tsuna, please apologize to Mazaki '' Talisa approach Tsuna.

'' Talisa, please calm down she cannot speak, right class '' Mazaki said.

'' Hai '' All in unison

'' But.... Mazaki ''

'' Talisa I will handle her by myself '' Mazaki walking to Tsuna.

Tsuna slowly walking backward has she sees Mazaki approach her.

'' Tsuna chan come here '' Mazaki try to flirt her.

But Tsuna intuition give her vibe that Mazaki is a bad person to be near.

Tsuna in a stance of defense.

Suddenly the door opened with drastic.

Tsuna surprise hear a voice pissed not on her.

'' I hate someone who try harm a weak person in front of me ''

Tsuna look up. She sees a grey hair guy protect her.

'' Who are you? you not from this class '' Mazaki fumed in angry.

'' Me '' The stranger amuse sees someone talk back on him.

'' Gokudera wait outside before I introduce you to your new
classmate '' Homeroom teacher yelled at Hayato.

All student in class scramble to their place has teacher come in.

'' tch ''

'' Gokudera get in class and I will introduce you to the class ''

'' Hai '' Gokudera said

Tsuna seat back in her own place

'' I will meet him personally '' Tsuna mumble to thank grey hair guy for protect her.

'' Stand up class '' The class representative said.

All student in the class stand up.

'' Ohayou, sensei '' All in unison and bowed

'' Okay, class please seat down on your chair'' Homeroom teacher said

All student in class sit back on their chair

'' I will introduce a new transfer student, he is from Italy ''

All the girl in the class sequel looks at handsome new transfer student.

'' If he is from Italy means he is a rich person '' All the girl in the class has eyes determine to flirt Hayato.

'' Gokudera, please introduce yourself in front of class ''

'' I dislike to give my name sensei to them '' Gokudera lean on the wall.

'' Gokudera!!! '' Homeroom teacher yelled.

'' Please don't shout or my ear burst '' Gokudera felt annoying.

'' Then please introduce yourself to your new classmate ''

'' My name is Hayato Gokudera ''

'' Hayato sama my name is Talisa
Reo '' Talisa try to win Gokudera heart.

'' You don't deserve calling my first name did you hear '' Gokudera annoying someone calling his first name and with threat tone.

'' But..'' Talisa said

'' I don't care if you famous or what ''

'' Now Talisa please seat back on your place '' Homeroom teacher interve.

'' Gokudera please seat beside her'' Homeroom teacher show

'' Where sensei?'' Gokudera asked

'' What is  your name? '' Homeroom teacher forget Tsuna name again.

All student in class laugh loudly as their teacher forget Tsuna name again.

'' Hahahahaha '' All student in class laugh at Tsuna.

Tsuna felt embarrassed.

'' It's okay sensei, I know where my place be ''

'' Okay,Gokudera please have a seat ''

Hayato walking to his place.

''Class, today subject about plant '' Homeroom teacher start her lesson

Hayato seat beside Tsuna.

Tsuna try to introduce herself to Hayato but her voice cannot form on word as she shy person.

Hayato turn his face to Tsuna

'' Are you hurt? '' Hayato asked

Tsuna delighted someone care about her.

'' I am fine '' Tsuna shyly replied.

'' Okay '' Hayato felt relieve.

'' And....'' Tsuna try to form a word.

Hayato waiting her answer patiently.

'' Thank you very much helping me '' Tsuna formed a smile brightly.


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Her fate change begin as someone approach her

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