Draco's POV

I told Ron that I would give him two weeks to tell Hermione what he had really been doing. And he hadn't. It was up to me now to tell Hermione about what here cheating,fowl,idiotic and not to forget disgusting boyfriend. I didn't want to hurt Hermione but I should tell her so she doesn't have to learn the hard way.

Ron's POV

It had been two weeks since Malfoy barged in on me and Pansy but I still haven't told Hermione about Pansy and me. I really likes Pansy and I would do anything for her but maybe I liked having two women at the same time. But no I have to stay strong with my gut. Pansy and only Pansy.
I think Draco is going to tell Hermione today but I don't care I will just deny it all and say that Draco is a lying prat. Yes, that is exactly what I would do.

Hermione's POV

What was I going to do. I had Ron but what if I liked Draco more it was all so confusing to me. I was in the Griffndor common on a ver comfy red couch, room reading A History of Magic for the 100 time until I saw a very baffled and ruffled or walking in the common room with a lipstick mark on his collar. Bright red. The same kind as what pansy wears. But that can't be right I am his girlfriend. It is probably a coincident of some sort. But I was curios. I need answers, and I was going to get them.

Pansy's POV

Me and Ron a wonderful afternoon in the room of requirement. It was truly magnificent. I love him so much, at night I even have dreams about our future. 3 little kids running around a big back yard, all with bright red hair and big chocolate brown eyes. I would love to have two little girls and a boy, I think Ron is making me go soft. If my parents would know what I was thinking I would be immediately disowned and have the cruciates curse set on me. But luckily my mother and father were in Azkaban for the next 50 years, so my life should go as planned. Married and have kids those were the only things I have ever wanted. I knew Ron was still seeing that biyotch Hermione but I didn't care,he was still mine.

Draco's POV

Today was the day I was going to tell Hermione about Pansy and Ron. I really didn't want to break her heart like this, but I had to. I knew Hermione was going to be in the library at 4 pm on a Saturday afternoon. How I know this, I don't know but I am always in the library now days studying for the N.E.W.T.S exams this year. I walked up to her re-thinking on what I was going to say to her. I got to were she was sitting and sat down next to her.

"Hermione, I need to talk to you(dramatic pause). Urgently." I said hoping she could hear the concern in my voice.

"What's the problem Draco?" She said.

Wow, she called me Draco.

"Has Ron talked to you about, umm............your relationship?"

"No. What is the problem?"

"Well." I said holding of the tears that are going to come out of her eyes as soon as I will tell her.
"Ronischeatingonyouwithpansyagain,isawtheminabroomclosettogetherSnogging" I said extremely fast, hoping she could hear so I didn't have to repeat.

"Pardon, I didn't quite catch what you were saying." She said in her sweet voice.

"Ron is cheating on you with Pansy again, I saw them in a broom closet together snogging. Pansy didn't have a shirt on and Ron was only in his boxers." I really didn't want to tell her,but I had to,Ron wasn't going to tell her and she would just get dragged along.


With that she stormed out of the library.

Hermione's POV

I was storming out of the library, when I saw Pansy and Ron were snogging against a wall. It felt as if my heart was reached out of my body, poked at by swords and then shoved back into my body. I hated her and I hated him, Ron. I never want to see him again. He has done it before, how did I trust him.I walked over to him and Pansy and slapped him really hard.


"Why Ron?" I said,tears now streaming down my face. Again. Why should I trust this being? This is the second time it has happened I keep on coming back.

I then ran to the Fat Lady portrait and managed to say the password without completely breaking down.

"D-Di-Diggory" I stifled.

As soon as I got inside the common room I ran strait to my dorm.

That night I cried myself to sleep.


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