1: The Encounter

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(A/n: enjoy guys, gals, and non binary pals!!)

Y/n POV:
I was still trying to get words out until I finally squeak out a response "y-your Thomas Sanders!" "Yeah I live right next door actually" as he said this he helped me with the boxes and took them to the apartment.

{time skip brought to you by Patton}

After we finished Thomas offered to take us to Starbucks to cool down and talk. We got in the car and Thomas started to play The Greatest Showman soundtrack. We jammed out to it all the way to Starbucks. We got out of the car and head inside. Amaya ordered her drink then I ordered f/d and Thomas ordered his drink. He even offered to pay! Which we declined nicely and payed for are drinks separately.

We sat down at table near the window and talked until Amaya's phone went off and had to go start her new job. Which left me and Thomas alone. Thomas then broke the awkward silence, "soooo..... what do you do?" "Well I'm currently trying to get in to college." "Oh, cool."

{time skip brought to you by Logan}

Thomas and I finished are drinks and went back to the apartment complex. Thomas then broke the silence again "do.... you... want to come over? Then we could go to your place and I could help you unpack?" "Sure!" We started to walk in to his apartment and got inside and sat on his couch as he (A/n: y'all will thank me later for putting this in here) put in A Goofy Movie. He then sat next me and then I almost fainted!

A/n: Haha cliffhanger
Logan: why would you leave it at a cliffhanger if—mph! (Patton covers Logan's mouth) Patton: sorry about him kiddos he can be a bit of a Deby downer at times
Author Chan: thank you Patton. As always take it easy guys, gals, and non binary pals! ✋🏻PEACE OUT!! 🤚🏻

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