Chapter VI

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"If you don't say anything, he'll never know your feelings," Evie said, turning from her magic mirror to Carlos.

"And he'll get snatched up by that piranha," Mal joked, referring to Audrey. Mal and Evie were both aware of Carlos's crush on Jay, and they had adapted the role of being his love counselors.

"I know I have to say something to him, but it's just... complicated." Carlos frowned, walking lazily over to Mal's bed. He took a seat next to her, and turned to face her.

"You've known him longer than me and Evie. How should I approach him?"

"Like I said," Mal placed her hands on Carlos shoulders. "You should approach him straight forward. Tell him how you feel."

A laugh stifled from Evie across the room on her bed. "Straight forward?"

"I could've worded that better," Mal said, smiling slyly.

Carlos joined in with Evie laughing. The three engaged in small talk for about an hour or so, before they heard a knock on the dorm room door. Before Evie or Mal could ask who was there, the door opened and Jay walked into the room.

"Sorry I'm late. Audrey didn't want to let me go," he said, as he closed the door behind him and walked over to Evie's bed, sitting down next to her.

"Of course she didn't," Mal replied to him.

Carlos gazed to Jay as he sat down onto the bed across from him. Jay turned to face Carlos and flashed him a smile.

"Did Carlos tell you guys that I'm teaching him how to swim?" Jay asked.

"He hadn't mentioned it." Evie said, smiling to Carlos. She mouthed 'say something' to him. Carlos nodded, before turning to Jay.

"Yeah, it's fun to have some one on one time with Jay." Carlos stifled out. Jay turned to face Carlos again, but this time he was staring the other in the eye intensely. 'Was he catching on?' Carlos questioned in his head. A silence in the room lasted for a few seconds, before Mal spoke up.

"Well, I think it's sweet of you to help Carlos. You're getting this whole Auradon thing down packed," she smiled to Jay.

"What can I say? Being good isn't all that bad." Jay said, turning to Mal.

"Agreed," Mal replied.

Evie stood up from her bed, straightening her elegant flowery blue dress with her hands.

"Speaking of doing good, I just remembered I have to go work on some dresses and tailor suits for prom next month. Doug doesn't like when I keep him waiting in the workshop," Evie said.

'FUCK,' Carlos thought. It had slipped his mind that prom was next month. His mind began to race as the realization that he had a month to confess his feelings to Jay dawned upon him, if he had any hope of attending prom with him. He quickly regained his composure before nodding to Evie.

"Have fun then. Maybe I'll stop by sometime later this week to have my suit tailored," he said, flashing her a smile.

"Don't worry, I'll keep the boys under control until you get back," Mal said jokingly.

Evie rolled her eyes dramatically, before sauntering over to the door. However, before she could reach for the door handle, the door pushed open, and Ben came rushing into the room. An embarrassed look consumed his face as he looked around the room, noticing everyone.

"Wow! I didn't expect anyone else to be here!" He stifled out, obviously out of breath from running.

Mal got up from her bed and hurried over to Ben, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"The potion room..." Ben gasped, pointing out into the hall. "...some kid accidentally created a potion that's turning everyone into ice cream."

Carlos and Jay looked at each other from across the room, before breaking out into loud laughters.

"Please tell me you're joking, Ben." Mal said, removing her hand from his shoulder to fold her arms.

"I wish I was."

Mal sighed, before turning to face Carlos on her bed.

"Will you hand me that?" she asked him, pointing to her brown spell book on the foot of her bed. Carlos nodded, still chuckling, before tossing the book to her. Mal caught the book with one hand, before turning around to face Ben again.

"Alright, Ben. Let's go fix this. Before everyone melts."

With that Ben and Mal left the room. Evie followed them soon after, waving to Carlos and Jay, before closing the door. Jay looked around the dorm, observing the room carefully, before turning to Carlos.

"Back to our dorm?" Jay asked, raising a brow questioningly.

"Yeah, sure," Carlos replied.

They stood up from the beds, and headed out the door into the halls of Auradon Prep.

•   •    •

Carlos and Jay arrived back to their dorm within a few minutes. As soon as they walked in, Jay removed his shoes and kicked them under his bed, before plopping down onto his bed with a heavy sigh. Carlos sat down on his own bed, but before he could lay back, Dude came running from out of their dorm bathroom. He jumped excitedly onto Carlos lap, nuzzling him lovingly.

"I missed you too, buddy."

Carlos moved his hand to the top of Dude's head, scratching it softly. Carlos reached onto his dresser and grabbed a bag of dog treats. He tossed a treat onto the floor, and Dude jumped down to retrieve it. Carlos placed the bag back onto his dresser, and gazed over to Jay. He was laying in his bed still, but now, he had his phone out, typing furiously at the screen. Carlos smiled to himself at the view of the other. This went on for about a minute, before Jay paused and tossed his phone to the side. He sat up in his bed and looked Carlos in the eyes.

"Since we're alone now, can we talk about earlier?" Jay asked.

"What do you mean?" Carlos replied, a look of worry visibly consuming his facial features.

"You said it was fun to have some 'one on one' time with me... what did you mean by it?"

Carlos cheeks burned a light shade of red as he remembered what he said. He quickly thought to himself before he replied.

"I just meant it's fun to spend some time with my best friend. Especially since Audrey has been taking up a lot of our time together lately."

Jay nodded to himself, his eyes studying Carlos closely.

"Shit, bro. I'm sorry if it feels like I'm not around much," Jay said to Carlos.

"It's fine, Jay. Trust me. It's your girlfriend... who am I to come before her?" Carlos said. He didn't like the words that were coming from his mouth, but they were the truth. Why should he expect Jay to make more time for him, when he's in a relationship? Carlos couldn't help but feel selfish for being angry about the time Jay spends with Audrey.

Jay hadn't replied to the other. He simply looked over to Carlos, until finally, he went to lay back onto his bed. Carlos couldn't help but wonder... what was Jay thinking about?

He would soon find out why...

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