Chapter 2: Mac and Cheese~

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"Y/N?" Thomas asked as he opened the door to reveal me standing there.

My mouth fell open in disbelief.
Whelp, now I'm about to look dumb.

Thomas chuckled, smirking. "I know I'm amazing, but close your mouth, darlin'."

I did as I was told, still amazed that Thomas just so happened to live next door to me and that I still wasn't talking. Just staring at him.

He leaned against the doorframe, still smirking. "I'm waiting, Y/N."

That's what snapped me out of my trance. "Uh...I live next door...and I-I heard that s-someone was moving into M-Monticello...I didn't know that it was g-gonna be you. I was gonna greet"

Thomas laughed, stepping aside. "You seem hungry. Would you like to join me for dinner?"

My stomach rumbled louder than Dad's war cry. I looked down at it, embarrassed. I looked back at the floofy fellow, smiling shyly. "Was it that obvious?"

Floof chuckled. "Just a little."

We both shared a laugh as I afterwards accepted his invitation. "I would love to, Thomas."

I was about to go inside when I heard my dad's voice boom, "Y/N WASHINGTON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO A STRANGER'S HOUSE?!"

My body tensed as I turned to look at my fuming father, who was standing on our porch. "Hey, Dad," I squeaked, waving. "And...this is Thomas Jefferson! You know, the man I told you about?"

I mentally face-palmed at that last part. Great; I gave him free ammunition to make me feel embarrassed.

"Oh?" Thomas asked from behind me. "You told him about me? What exactly did you tell him, hun?~"

I blushed, turned around, and shoved Thomas into his own house, shutting him inside it. "I swear, Dad. It really is him," I said, raising my right hand as if I was in court.

My dad stomped off our porch and onto Thomas'. "I know it's Thomas Jefferson," he hissed at me. "But I know that he's trying to flirt with you. You better not give in and let this guy touch you, because that's what he'll be doing next! Got it?"

I nodded quickly.

The door to Monticello opened, and Thomas' head poked out, a slightly nervous expression crossing his features. "Um, Mr....WASHINGTON?!" he suddenly shouted. Guess he didn't know that I was his daughter...My dad literally had said my last name like two seconds prior.

Thomas turned to me, shocked and wide-eyed. "You're-"

"George Washington's daughter, yes," I finished for him. "Now, what were you gonna say before that?"

Thomas attempted to recollect himself, but kinda failed.

   "Um...wh-what I was gonna say w-was, I was wondering if you w-would like to join me and Y/N f-for dinner."

   Dad gave me a look that said "why are you eating dinner with this puffy mushroom", and I gave him a look that said "because I like this puffy mushroom and want to eat with him".

   After my and Dad's stare-down, his eyes moved to Thomas. "I would love to, Mr. Jefferson." I noticed that he kinda said it through gritted teeth, so he was obviously still mad at me.

   Thomas smiled. "Great! Right this way!"

   He led us inside Monticello, and boy was it huge! I could see at least 10 rooms from where Thomas was leading us into the dining room.

He pulled out a chair for me, and I mumbled a shy "thank you" and sat down.

I noticed that Thomas didn't pull out a chair for my dad, which made me utter a low chuckle.

"Dinner should be ready in just a few minutes!" Thomas declared, bowing before rushing into the kitchen to prepare and/or keep an eye on our food.

My dad propped his elbows on the table and rested his face in his hands, intently staring at me from across the table. (That's where he sat.)

"What?" I asked.

"I'm still so disappointed in you."


"For not hesitating to accept every creepy dinner invitation you get. You barely even know this guy."

"Just give him a chance, Dad," I smiled. "He seems really nice!"

Then Thomas walked in with three bowls of what appeared to be noodles with liquid-y cheese on it, setting it on the table. He sat down on the chair next to mine.

My dad hurriedly took his elbows off the table; for good manners purposes, you know?

Dad saw me staring at the weird mess on the table, and he looked at it too. He tried to be polite and force a smile, but it kinda came out as a pained, "what the hell is this and why is it here" look.

"Doesn't it look good?" Thomas said, picking up his fork and scooping some up. "It's called macaroni and cheese. But you can just call it mac and cheese for short."

I took the bowl closest to me and slowly slid it towards me, scared of what awaited me in it. I bit my lower lip nervously as I picked up my fork and scooped it up like Thomas did. The cheese was stringy, and it connected from the bowl to my fork, which made me mentally gag.

Ignoring the increasing feeling that I might throw up, I quickly stuffed it inside my mouth, shutting my eyes tight.

To my surprise, the taste wasn't bad. In fact, it was very good. I kept shoveling forkfuls of it into my mouth; Thomas noticed and chuckled. "Well, I guess someone likes mac and cheese."

Dad tried some, and he nodded his head and smiled.

The rest of the night went by with Thomas flirting with me, Dad shooting him some death glares, and eating Thomas' so-called "mac and cheese".


When I was about to leave, I noticed that Dad was way ahead of me, so I decided to do something that would make Thomas internally squeal:

I gave him a quick peck on the lips.
Then I ran off. I glanced over my shoulder at him as I was running to catch his reaction, and he was beet red and smiling, fidgeting with his wild curls.

I just destroyed Thomas' cocky attitude, and my kissing virginity.

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