Chapter Nineteen

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" Explain!" I ordered crossing my arms.

" Yes, Malik! Man up and tell her everything! This game is over!" Derek said.

" Fine!" Malik said sighing.

" Well, Brianna, you know that I am Roman, but what you don't know is what made Roman Malik," he said. I nodded signaling him to continue.

" Well, baby, your father and I have been going to that place which I forgot its name," he continued and I chuckled.

" I missed your chuckle. Cute as always," he said and I blushed.

' What the fuck?!' I mentally yelled at myself.

" Continue! I get what you wanted to say. The place of the racing," I said ignoring my heated cheeks.

" Okay! Your father taught meany things about fighting and racing. He taught me everything he knew because he believed that I would protect his only daughter," he said checking me. My father was still a sensitive topic for me.

" Continue!"

" One day, I went for a walk after I had a fight with your dad. On My walk, I heard some people talking. There conversation attracted me and I heard it all. They were planning on murdering someone. I didn't know who back then. Those, who were talking, realized my presence and they attacked me. I fought them but they were too many, so I ended up running away.

They followed me to your father, and then they disappeared when they realized that I wouldn't tell a soul. They had an eye on me though. Wherever, and whenever, I was I knew that they had an eye on me. Sometimes, I caught them staring and sometimes I felt their presence and that aura," he continued.

" Oh!" I commented.

" After few weeks, your father and I made up, and we went back to that place. Just then, I knew who they meant."

" Who?!" I asked with concern.

" They meant your father, Brianna!" My mouth was hanged open by now.

" They tried killing him more times than I can count but your father was always a step and head of them. I told him about what I heard and he said that he already knew that. I was only a teenager then, so I wasn't of much help," he chuckled.

" When exactly did that happen?!" I asked. How come I knew nothing about that?!

" When I was dating you," he answered.

" Oh!" Was all I managed to get out.

" Yeah!" He replied. He paused for a second probably giving me time to process. I nodded and then he continued.

" After exactly three days from their last attempt, I found a message on my phone. I opened it and found message from the same people. It said: 'If you don't kill him, she'll pay'. I couldn't think straight after I found them a picture of you. You were out with me and that made me freak out. I couldn't risk. They took the picture when you were with me and I still couldn't prevent it. I was so in love with you to risk them touching and piece of your hair," he said and I saw tears falling from his eyes.

I found myself hugging him. He hugged me back and I pulled back and dried his tears. I couldn't believe that I still loved Roman no matter what he has done.

" Did you kill my father?!" I asked crying.

" No! I couldn't do that also. I didn't want you looking down at me for that also. I faked my death with your father's and my father's help. Your father faked his death also in order to help me. The gang are still after him. They believe that the only way to get him is through me and that is why I couldn't tell you about Malik and Roman," he said.

" My father is still alive?!" I asked and he nodded.

A wide smile was formed on my lips at that. My father was alive! Roman was alive! But both are in danger. Who cares that are alive!

" God! I almost forgot that smile!" Roman said and I couldn't help but smile again. I felt myself being the old Brianna, who was helplessly in love with Roman.

" Malik?!" I asked as something crossed my mind.

" Yea?!" He replied.

" Why did you kiss me at the place?!" I asked.

He laughed and then said " I expected something more, you know, serious."

I hit him and pushed him away. How dare him make fun of me?!

" Come on!" He said pulling me to him.

" I did that because you're mine. When I wasn't there, I was still looking over you. Like I knew who you talk to and who came near you who dared look at you and everything else. I even had some men check on you. They were all around you but you never noticed," he said laughing.

" Who?!" I asked.

" Tristan for example."

" What the fuck?! My best friend is dating someone in a damn gang," I exclaimed.

" She's in the same gang, so yeah..." okay! Makes sense.

" What?!" He chuckled at my surprised face.

" Gosh!" I said throwing my weight on the chair which I was sitting on in the helicopter.

" Finally!" Derek sighed.

" Yeah! Finally!" Malik said looking at me.

" My father is alive! Gosh! I miss him so much! I wanna meet him. Malik, can you take me there?! Please!" I asked and he nodded.

I smiled and then sighed. I would finally see him. I missed him so much. I really wish he still remembers me. I felt a pair of eyes on me. I looked at Malik and found him staring.

" What?!" I asked him.

" Nothing!" He replied but continued staring.

" Do I have something on my face?!" I asked worried.

" Yeah, beauty!" I blushed and looked down.

He chuckled and then said " Geez! You haven't changed a bit."

" Yeah, I have changed! I grew taller," I argued sticking my tongue at him.

" Yeah, and prettier," he said.

" Yeah!" I answered.

" Good thing, you're mine. I don't need anyone touching what's mine, now do I?!" He said.

" Sorry, mister! I'm not yours," I said rolling my eyes.

" Sorry, miss! You're mine. You were Roman's, and even Malik claimed you. It's not like you've a way out," he said with a smirk.

" But Malik can't claim what's already claimed," I said filling my eyes with innocence.

" What do you mean?!" He asked confused.

" I'm Roman's not Malik's, if you want me to be yours, you'll have to be Roman," I said and smiled.

I couldn't believe what I was saying. I was in love with Roman but he left me. Meaning I should be mad because he faked his death. But my father did the same. His reasons were convincing though. Ugh! This is so weird and wrong, but I still love it.

What the hell is wrong with me?!

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