"Thanks babe"

This is the whole plan! Chris doesn't think I'm ready but I want him to take my virginity from me. I want him to be my first. I love him so much. So when he comes back into the room I'm going to naked in bed waiting. So right now I'm going to get undressed and pull the covers up so he can't see my shoulders because my bra strap should be there. Let the plan start!

"I'm back I hope my baby didn't miss daddy to much"

"I have never called you daddy before" you say laughing.

"I hope when we make love baby you will call me daddy" he said climbing into the bed. Then he realizes your naked and looks shocked.

"What you don't like it?" you asked a little worried by his reaction to your body.

"You think I don't like I fucking love it babe I'm just so shocked that you would do this and not care because usually you are very protective of your body when you shouldn't be" he said kissing your neck to your chest.

"I'm glad you like it" you say moaning as he wraps his sexy ass lips around your nipple.

"I'm glad you like this babygirl" he said sliding his pointer and middle finger down your stomach to your clit then started fingering you.

"Mmm Chris"

"I always wanted to hear you moan my name like that"

"Mmmmm" you moan beginning to shake as you realize that you close which makes you reach down Chris's boxers and grabs his shaft and rub base to tip over and over again.

"Damn baby" he groaned

"Baby I'm gonna cum" you say shaking faster as his fingers moved faster in and out of your slit.

"Come on babygirl cum for me" he said gliding his tongue across you clit.

"Mmm daddy" you say while cumming to leave Chris cleaning up all your juices and groaning as you continue to give him a handjob.

"You are the love of my life you know" he said groaning and moaning more.

"Take this thing of of you I want you to be naked" you say tugging at his boxers.

"Okay okay" he said slipping his boxers off to be completely naked with you.

"Thank you" you say kissing his collar bone which made him moan louder. Then you go down and start to lick the tip of his 10" shaft.

"Oh shit y/n"

You start deep throating him till Chris cums in your mouth. You swallow
then get up and kiss his lips.

"I didn't know you give head"

"Well no shit cause that was my first time genus" you say laughing at him when he had his probably twentieth dumb moment of the day.

"Damn sorry god" he smirk as he kissed your lips.

"I want you"

"What?" he asked shocked

"I want your little penis in me Chris"

"He ain't little"

"Yeah he is"

"No" he said making a straight.

"I know I was kidding chill out"

"That's what I thought so are you serious I mean I don't want to rush or-"

You kiss his lips to stop him from talking. You know in moments when he thinks he does something to you to make your nervous or anything he starts babbling. That's his one problem.

"You didn't pressure me or rush me I'm ready. I love you so much and I want you to be my first"

"I love you too and I wanted to be your first baby-girl. Do you want me to wear a condom?"

"No I will be fine don't worry okay"

"Alright babe" he positioned you so you were laying on your back with your legs open with his arms propped up on either side of your rib cages and your legs around his waistline. Then Chris slowly enters you with his tip.

"Ow oh my god" you hiss in pain.

"I'm sorry sweetheart it will be over in a little bit alright" he said kissing you then sliding more into you.

"Owww" you say with streaming down your face.

"Just look into my eyes baby" he said kissing you and staring into your eyes as he slides more into you.

Finally Chris's shaft is completely in you and is rocking his hips back in forth. The waves of pain turn into waves of pleasure as he takes long strokes.

"Mmm Chris baby right there" you say causing him to pick up his pace a little.

"I told you baby it would get better" he moaned in your ear biting your earlobe barely.

You feel a complete whole new wave of pleasure that is causing your legs to shake extremely fast.

"Oh fuck Chris I'm cumming" you say as you let your juices flow out of you completely.

"Damn baby" Chris said clenching his jaw hard which meant he was probably close.

"Chris cum in me baby" you moan

"Oh shit" he said as he explodes into you and slips out.

"Oh my god" you say amazed.

"I love you baby" he said wrapping his arms around you.

"I love you too"

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