Chapter 3

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16 years old (Daryl's 18)

It might've been the silence or the soft songs of the birds but, everything felt perfect around him. I felt safe with him. I felt loved when I cuddled up in his side.

When I took in his scent, I felt at home. The smell of cigarettes and dirt covered his body. When he held his crossbow high he looked strong and brave. I could always see a Dixon as a soldier. Especially Daryl.

The leaves and branches crunched under our feet. The bright light of the flashlight lead our way to the special location. It was our fifth date. He wanted to do something special for me.

"Are we there yet Daryl?" I whine.

"Almost Ash. Calm down." He answered.

He turned around with a big smile on his face. Before he could turn around I made a pouty face at him. When he did turn around he rolled his eyes in the process. "Ya love me." I said, goofing around.

"Why ya laughin? I do love ye." He said. My face turned red, and caught up to Daryl. "Ya do?" I ask. He stopped and looked at me, his big blue eyes staring into mine. He wrapped his arms around the small of my back and pulled me close to him.

His chapped lips than connected with mine. My stomach started doing back flips, I never thought a Dixon would be the one to make the first move. He then stepped back and said, "Does that answer yer question?"

My face turned bright red, "Yes, yes it does." I smiled.

Present Time

"Okay, I got the first floor. You go check out the second one." I directed.

"No, we need to stay together Ashl-" "No, what we need to do is get as much as we can in the shortest amount of time possible. You take six rooms and I'll take six rooms." I said interuppting him. He sighed and nodded his head. He took an empty duffel bag and went to the first room.

I picked up the other one and got to work on my room. Before entering I pulled out my hunting knife and gave a few knocks on the door. I waited a few seconds and eventually figured it was safe to go in.

It was small but, doesn't mean there's nothing in it. I shrugged my shoulders and walked towards the kitchen. I then went through every cabinet only to find some coffee filters, rotten bananas, and napkins. I narrowed my eyes and kept going through the room, there has to be something useful in here.

-3 hours later-

"Okay, so what did you gather?" Glenn asks me. I toss him the bag and put pouty face on. "I found shit." I started, "A shit load of weaponary!!" I shouted. He widened his eyes as he looked through the contents of the bag.

"This is great Ash. I found tons of perishables and water. It'll last quite awhile. I guess you were right we did get this done a lot quicker. Sorry for denying it." He laughed.

"Its okay. Listen, we gottta get rid of those walkers out back. Grab a weapon and lets get out there." I said as I grabbed my hunting knife and a gun with a silencer on it from the bag. Before heading out back we made a plan.


As our plan had said, I ran outside and grabbed a walker, than pulled it inside. I hacked at it a few times then cut it open. I then cotinued to smother the guts all over my body, then sneaking back outside with my knife, and my gun strapped on my side.

I took down a walker with my knife, then pulled out my gun taking down 5 of them. This was gonna be easier than I thought. A few minutes later Glenn came outside, guts covering his whole body. He mouthed, 'I hate you' and then started hacking away at walkers.

I shot my gun and I punctured mushy skulls. Doing this, was the way you survived in life now. Surviving life before, was just making sure you look both ways before crossing and making sure you eat healthy. Now its make sure the dead people don't eat you. This world is not the way we should be living.

"This is my surprise? Your pick-up truck?" I ask. He let out a laugh and then smirked at me, "No. Its what's in the back of the truck, that's what your surprise is." He picked me up bridal style gently placed me in the back of the truck. I was prepared to feel the coldness of the hard metal but instead felt the warmth of a blanket.

I smelled popcorn, and heard the fizz of a soda bottle being opened. "Tonight my love, we will be watching the stars." He whispered in my ear, giving my neck a littl kiss in the process. I smiled at him and told him thank you.

"Dixon, you could so frigin sweet sometimes, you know that." I laugh. "Only 'round you Ashlynn. Only 'round you."


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