Sawada Tsunayuki

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" Little animal, what makes you sad today? "

Tsuna turn her face. " I'm not little animal!!!! "

" A cute girl likes you need to smile like this "

" Hahaha "

" Little animal is rude to laugh at me "

" Sorry, thank you for make me
laugh "

" This is my first time in this new town, I didn't have any friend
here "

'' Did you want to become my friend? I have never have any friend in this new town ''

'' Of course I would like to become your friend '' Tsuna giggle and delighted someone like to become her friend.

'' My name is Hi.........''

'' Tsuna chan, wake up time to
school ''

Tsuna rise. She tilt her head as she confused about her dream.

' I had always dreamed of someone calling me little animal '  Tsuna tilt her head.

'' Tsuna chan come down or you will be late going to the school ''

Tsuna turn her face. She looks clock on the wall.

'' What!!! I will be late, ten minute left before the schoool gate closed '' Tsuna face become paled sees indicate time on 7.30am on the clock.

Tsuna put her leg down. She darting to her bathroom. After done washing. She step out from her bathroom toward her closet.

After changing to her school uniform and put on a big glasses that even not really match with her facial face as she is introvert person and a torn scarf on around her neck.

Tsuna still wearing the torn scarf her mother knit for her birthday. " I miss you " She sniff her scarf smell made by her beloved mother.

She being grateful to her grandmother for adopt her.

" Ahh~~ " Tsuna scream as she step her foot not the stair.

'' Tsuna chan ''

Tsuna see her grandmother worries expression on her. Tsuna formed a smile to rid her grandmother ueasy feeling for her.

'' Tsuna chan, please wait here, grandma will search a oil to ease your bruise on your knee '' Her grandmother raise.

'' Do not worry grandmother about it, I need to rush to school '' Tsuna raise and darting going outside from house.

As she run on the road way to her school she accidently step on dog tail as usual.

Dog sound.
" Oof oof oof "

" I'm unlucky being chased by dog today morning  "

Not even a single adult trying to helping Tsuna.

After few minute left, she arrive at her school gate.

'' Fuh...I am safe '' Tsuna take a deep breath.

Tsuna noticed two perfect waiting near the school gate.

'' Senpai as I had see him everyday that boy never even a single day come to school early "

'' Kitaki She is a girl ''

'' What!!! she is a girl '' Kitaki eyes wide.

'' Yes she is a girl''

'' How senpai know her real gender is a girl? '' Kitaki asked

'' Well my mother nagging me everyday never to be friend with that girl ''

'' Why senpai? '' Kitaki felt curious about his senpai mother.

'' Kitaki, my mother never told the reason of it? ''

'' I am curious about her background when senpai mother told like that ''

'' Kitaki I feel a sudden chill now the principal guarantee surely punish us as both of us talking on duty ''

Kitaki paled '' Yeah I feel same chill too like senpai "

'' Let go ''

'' Hai senpai ''


'' See you next time '' > <

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