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Chapter 8

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"Hm?" Kaiden looked up from the text he'd just finished sending to his Grandmother about the wait time. "What kind of what? ....Oh! Occult stuff?" he wondered aloud, trying to keep up with Sean despite having been distracted. "Heh, I don't know...All of it I guess. I mean I like weird stuff." He laughed as if that wasn't apparent. "I have this friend, she's really into the new age things. She can read auras," he said before his phone buzzed and drew his attention away again.

This time it was Sean's turn to raise a brow. Kaiden's friendliness and energetic personality really didn't fit his appearance, not that that really mattered. "Reading auras? That sounds cool," he said, even though it sounded made up.

"No, it doesn't..." Trevor retorted through half-lidded eyes as he stretched.

...Though to be fair, that seemed to be a trademark of many 'new age witches' in Trevor's opinion. Just making up all sorts of wild things, borrowing from real traditions and spells from time to time, but often without much understanding of them or their origins.

"Is your grandmother going to be coming by today, then, Kaiden?" Sean's mom questioned, as she swept while Anna was finishing up by styling her customer's hair.

"Yeah, she just got back from the store. She said to schedule her for about an hour from now," Kaiden said before looking back to Sean.

Annalise was so pleased to see her baby cousin happily chattering with someone besides his cat, that she really didn't talk much while cutting Kaiden's hair. Once he'd described to her what he'd wanted, it was probably for the best to just let him be distracted by his conversation with Sean, anyway. It provided fewer opportunities for him to second guess his decision to have the right side of his gorgeous hair shaved off.

"All done," she chimed as she dusted Kaiden off, watching Sean get up to inspect what she'd done. "If you come back here next time you want something cool done, and I can give you some rows or something."

"Wicked," Kaiden said, turning his head to get a good look at the designs etched into his hair in his reflection. "Pretty and talented," he praised, "Now if only she were single?" He posed the last part as more of a playful inquiry.

"She's taken," Trevor growled defensively.

Annalise let out a loud, mirthful giggle. "You got game, I'll give you that," She complimented, as she made her way to the register. 

Sean was doing his best to hold in a laugh and gave Kaiden a small shake of his head when he had his attention.

Kaiden shrugged. "Hey, a guy's gotta try." He chuckled as he went to hand her his credit card but was surprised when the tabby had jumped up just at that moment to hiss at him. Kaiden had flinched, though only slightly, just before the cat had been shooed away by Sean's mother.

"Trouble, you're pushing it, bud," she warned, while Anna ran Kaiden's card.

"Hey, wanna hang out?" Sean questioned hopefully, as he put away his mother's deck which he'd actually read very little and mostly had just shuffled around in his hands while talking with Kaiden.

"Sean," His mother drawled exasperatedly. He immediately remembered that he was supposed to be grounded.

"But he's only in town for Mr. and Mrs. Gibson's anniversary," the teen argued. "Right? Like, after this weekend you're gonna have to leave?"

"Well, yeah," Kaiden said.

Sean's mom let out a small sigh, trying and failing, to hide her smile. "Go on, get outta here." She shooed her boy, shaking her head. At least she'd know who he was with this time, and it wasn't the middle of the night. The Gibsons were good people, and Kaiden seemed like a decent enough young man, if not a bit quirky.

As they stepped out of the salon together, Trevor darted out beneath Sean's feet, nearly causing him to collide with the taller boy.

"Goddamn, Trev," he muttered, as it took him a second to realize he was holding on to Kaiden's forearm.

"Sorry." Sean retracted his hand quickly, making sure Trevor was still on the sidewalk and out of the path of vehicles before adding, "Wanna hang out by the river or something like that?"

Sean had been lucky enough that his mother had accepted his bribe. He didn't wanna be hanging out in town, where his dad could potentially spot him, just on principle alone if nothing else.

"Sure. Is it far?" Kaiden tossed back as he approached the driver's side of his truck. Sean's apology must have been acceptable because Kaiden seemed to have already forgiven him.

"Wait! No!" Trevor protested. "We aren't going anywhere with this guy!"

Sean paused, giving the meowing feline a pleading expression before glancing back at Kaiden and his truck. "No, not really."

The thought of driving there hadn't even occurred to Sean, since he always just walked most places. It would certainly save time though.

He wanted to ask if Kaiden minded him bringing Trevor along, but the question caught in his throat. Would that seem weird to ask something like that? On the other hand, if he didn't, Trev would never let him hear the end of it later. He looked back at Trevor once again.

"You wanna come too, buddy?"

Trevor scoffed. "No, and neither should you!" All of his meows were often wrongly interpreted by anyone but Sean... and this time was no exception.

"I think that's a 'yes'," Kaid chuckled.

"I think that's a 'yes'," Kaid chuckled

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