Chapter 5

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Percy got a room with Harry, Ron and Neville. He didn't really like the rooms colours the red and gold didn't match his sea green and black theme. Even blue would have sufficed. But he had to make due with what he had.

The next morning Percy sat off a bit from Harry, Ron and Hermione wanting to get the friendship right. Not too close for them to care too deeply but also enough for them to trust him.

Professor McGonagall gave everyone their schedules. Throughout the Hall you could hear the Griffindor's and Slytherins groan. They had a double potions at Snape when the day starts and later again at DADA with Quirrell a stuttering hunched over man. Everytime he saw Harry he suddenly became nervous but only Percy realised.

Before the afternoon classes Hermione had dragged Ron, Harry and even Percy to the library to do some homework that was already starting to pile up.

Percy was sitting sideways on a chair, his legs swung over the armrest with a distant look in his eyes before going back to writing an essay about herbology. Harry was gazing out the window day dreaming. Ron was moaning the whole time about sitting and homework and even his wand that was acting up a bit. Hermione was reading Hogwarts, a history while ignoring Ron's complaints.

Suddenly a boy with pale skin and white blonde hair walked in. Behind him trailed two brutes that looked equally dumb. He stopped at their table.

' Well if it isn't the great Harry Potter, and my dad told me all about you Weasley's-a disgrace to wizard name. Look at the company your holding, a filthy mudblood, Granger was it?' he spat giving them a look of arrogance.

All three were standing up now ready for a fight while the two brutes, Crabbe and Goyle, were snickering. ' And who may you be? Hmm? Probably another mudblood.' he chuckled at his own joke while his bodyguards haven't stopped snickering.

Percy looked up with a bored look, raised his eyebrows and looked back at his book. Ron spoke up ' Draco Malfoy, what a surprise seeing you in Hogwarts would have thought you went into hiding with you-know-who ?'

The boy named Draco was seething, he looked at Percy again ' If your a pureblood you shouldn't align yourself with lowlifes like these.' he gestured to Hermione, Harry and Ron. Percy who was writing with his quill in his right hand raised his left in a one finger salute. Without looking up once.

Harry and Ron burst out laughing, while Hermione looked a tad disapproving, but a smile was tugging at her lips. Draco however was not amused. ' At least I still have a family, and what do you have Potter? Muggles. Ha!'

Suddenly Ron and Harry jumped forward to grab him but a professor passed and everyone stopped. Draco was the first to respond. ' How about a wizard duel tonight, at midnight. Trophy room that's always unlocked. You do know what a wizard duel is Potter?'

Ron stepped forward ' Of course he knows Malfoy and I'm his second, who's yours?' ' Crabbe'

And with that Draco and co.  walked away. Harry turned to Ron and Hermione ' Guys whats a wizard duel?' Hermione always the know-it-all ' Well you both send spells at each other until one is defeated. But both of you don't know any real damaging magic so all you'll be able to do is send sparks at each other.' 

Percy piped up acting as if not knowing ' And what's a second?' Ron answered this time ' He takes over when the other person dies.' Harry looked shocked, but Hermione quickly reassured him that wizards only die in real duels and that won't happen here. While Ron was busy explaining everything he could, Hermione was studying the unknowing Percy. The real reason she kept dragging him along everywhere was to figure out what he was hiding. She wanted to know what the sorting hat meant when he said that Percy would one day have to explain who he is and she didn't want to miss that.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly except for potions where Snape looked like he had a personal vendeta against Harry. Hermione was intensly reading the instructions and doing brewing the cure for boils potion correctly while the rest of the class struggled, but when she looked over to Percy she found much to her confusion that he had a bored look in his eyes. Even more shocked she could see that he was deliberately messing up his potion. Adding too much or too little ingredients here and there.

She couldn't understand what was going on with that boy. When night came the four met in the common room, Percy was there because Hermione had asked Harry and Ron to bring him. They went out the Fat ladies portrait and made the track to the trophy room. They turned a corner and heard a noise, but it wasn't Filch or Mrs. Norris, it was Neville. He was fast asleep but when they came near he jerked awake ' Oh guys I'm so glad to see you. I've been locked out for hours now. I forgot what the password was to get to bed.'

Ron looked at Neville ' The password is "pig snout" now get a move on we have somewhere to be.' Neville went back to the common room while the four continued to the trophy room. When the got there with the silver moonlight shining of the trophies Draco wasn't there yet.

The time ticked by and no one showed up, just as Harry was going to say that Draco chickened out they heard someone talk and it wasn't Malfoy. ' Sniff my sweet, they should be here somewhere.' Filch said to Mrs. Norris. Percy waved them to the door and just as Ron's robe  swept around the corner they heard Filch enter the trophy room. ' They're just hiding me sweet look for them.'

They moved away as fast as they could without making a sound, but then they heard Ron give yelp and grab Harry and both of them went crashing into a suit of armor making a lot of noise. Hermoine yelled ' RUN!' and everyone followed Percy as they ran without knowing where their going. The only stopped when they reached charms class which they knew was miles from the trophy room.

Suddenly Peeves came swooping from the roof singing. really loudly ' Student out of bed, bed, bed. Charms class, class, class.' They started to run again and came to a dead end with a locked door on the end. Hermione was about to push past when Percy pulled out his wand 'Alohomora' and then door swung open and everyone hurried inside and closed the door. all four pressed their ears against the door, they could hear Filch moving past.

Simultaneously Percy and Harry angrily said ' What?' Hermione was pulling on Percy's sleeve for the last 2 minutes while Ron was pulling on Harry's sleeve. But when they turned around they saw exactly what.

Before them stood huge pitch black dog. It was easily as tall as Mrs O'Leary, it had three slobbering heads, a red collar around each neck. Teeth as sharp and claws as knives. The beast gave a deep growl but suddenly stopped and gave a loud bark. Hermione barely had enough time to register that the type of bark it gave was one of happiness not of anger. Also when she turned around to start running like the rest of them she noticed that Percy was smiling whereas Ron and Harry had looks of horror on their faces.

Ron, Harry and Hermione ran for their lives with Percy easily keeping up with them. Percy's sudden good mood wasn't unnoticed by Hermione. When they reached the common room everyone went straight to bed without saying a word to each other.

That night the only one that had a good nights rest was Percy who was quite familiar with life and death situations, and that wasn't even that type of moment. The mini-Cerberus was actually happy to see Percy. The other three was up all night thinking about the dog, with Hermione who was also thinking about why the dog and Percy was happy to see each other. Everything seems a little off about and around him.

Who is Percy Jackson really?    

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