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Toriel picked Chara up from the floor after she fell unconscious and turned to Doctor Gaster. 

-I don't know how much she ate of them, but it's very serious!-

She said nervously. Asriel clung to his mother's leg in tears.

-I see, Your Majesty. Don't worry.-

Gaster clicked his fingers and teleported them to his lab. 

-Put her on the bed, I will be right back.-

Gaster ran to bring the medicines and the equipment. Toriel looked around until she saw the closest bed and put Chara there. Asriel tug Chara's sleeve nervously.

-Chara, please, hold on. For me. You are going to be fine... If you will fight it.-

He mumbled. Toriel was caressing Chara's forehead, which was getting warmer.

-Asriel... Please, tell me about her plan.-

While Asriel was explaining, Gaster came back and connected Chara to a drip. After that, he began measuring her pulse, heat and blood pressure. Asriel was watching worriedly.

-Will... She get better?-

He asked.

-I don't know how much poison she consumed. But, hopefully, the medicine will spread quickly through her blood vessels.-

Gaster looked down at Asriel and added:

-I'll do my best to stabilize her as quick as possible. I promise you, young prince, she will survive.-

The last phrase was enough to make Asriel feel better and he clung to Toriel again, who burst in tears after learning of Chara's plan. 

-How could she only think that... That anybody could be happy if she... She...-

She began crying even harder. 

-But mom, Doctor Gaster said she's going to be fine...-

-Yes, Your Majesty. I can promise that the princess will survive.-

He put his bony hand on Toriel's shoulder.

-Let me teleport you back to your house. I will call whenever anything changes in Chara's condition.-

He assured her. The last thing Toriel wanted was to leave Chara's side when she was so badly sick, but beside Chara, she also had her responsibilities as the queen... As Asriel's mother and as Asgore's wife. 

-Y-yes, please...-


Toriel was sitting and crying near the table while Asriel chewed his dinner grimly.

-Golly, it's so boring without Chara...-

He muttered, lazily putting a piece of carrot into his mouth. Indeed, the mood in the room was boring. But not like nothing to do. It was this strangling boredom when you just don't know where to get yourself and your body itches from inside. Asriel was feeling it the most. He wanted to go and run until exhaustion, scream until suffocation and beat his fists into everything just to shake this feeling off.  

Soon, Asgore came home. He spent the entire day with Alphys in The Core. Of course when he learned of Chara's sickness he lost all the concentration, but he still sat until the end. He had to. As he came, he sat down to eat. Asriel finished by this time, so he went out of the kitchen to draw. Chara taught him a bit. She was a great artist, he wanted to be like her. While drawing, he didn't realize what was that he drew. After coming out of the short trance he had, he realized he drew flowers. A bunch of small, yellow, deadly flowers. Buttercups. So realistic. His best drawing until now. Of those small, deadly yellow petals... Enraged, he tore the drawing apart. There shall be no more of these flowers. Nowhere near him or Chara. Not in their room, not in their house, nowhere. Be it real flowers or not. Finding nothing else to do, he exited the room to ask his father to play chess with him. But by approaching the kitchen, he heard the sobs of his mother. He shall not enter then, so he just stood by the wall, waiting until he can enter. Then, he heard the next conversation:

-Tori, I know what you are thinking, but if Chara is suicidal, she will need therapy.-

-Asgore... How can you? Chara just wants us all free!-

-Maybe, but suicide is suicide. If she was psychically stable, she wouldn't try to do it, even for our freedom.-


-I said everything, Toriel.-

It was audible as Asgore stood up sharply from the table. Asriel quickly ran into his room. Chara? To therapy? No, no, no and no! He won't allow that! Chara isn't crazy or suicidal! She just wants everyone to be happy, that's all! She wants people who love her to be happy! People whom SHE loves! God, was his father really this dumb? Was he really so egoistic? Who cares! He won't let him ruin Chara's life! Chara is his sister and best friend, he will protect her from everything, so that she will never lie in Gaster's lab connected to drips ever again, or, even worse, lie tied under watch of some scary person who will think her every word is insanity... Never.

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