Chapter Two: Couldn't Say Them

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 Matt sat quietly on the kitchen table, his head resting on his hand as he thought about what had happened the day before. He blushed, quickly stood up to splash some water to his face to cool it down, but it didn't help any. He didn't even what to go out of his apartment in fear that he might run into her again as her apartment was right next door.

“How could I say something so stupid,” he slapped his hand to his forehead.

He could still see her turning red as she chuckled at the thought of being Taiga 'Kana' Kanashii. She just thought it was that funny that he had confused her for the all-star idol that no one had heard about in years. He blushed even more; the scene of her holding her sides as she silently laughed was just too much to bear to remember. He had lost some of his 'cool' factor and in front of someone that he would see every day. That was punishment.

Matt got his things ready for school, throwing his school bag over a shoulder as he threw his guitar over the other. He'd never run into Ishinaka in the mornings, so he wasn't worried of having to meet her in the elevator, but luck had a way with forcing itself to be bad when he begged it to be good. As soon as he turned towards the front of the elevator, door closing, he saw her run out of her apartment and down the hall towards it.

He could have ignored her and said he didn't see her, but there was something in his gut that didn't allow him to ignore her. Matt was about to place his hand in the opening to stop the doors from closing, but as he did, Ishinaka had jumped forward and forced herself to go into the crack of the opening seconds before the door completely closed.

“Are you insane?!” he yelled at her, “You could've gotten hurt!”

She stuck her tongue out at him, apparently her notebook not in hand. He didn't know how he could ever mistake this girl for Kana; she had a bit of resemblance, but Ishinaka looked sweeter, nicer, and didn't seem that much into the music industry even though she enjoyed Kana's songs greatly. She didn't go anywhere without her small radio playing her music.

“Are you a dancer?” he asked, which was pretty stupid as he could see her dancing shoes flung over her shoulder and a bag with her clothes.  She nodded a 'yes' and took the hand he had offered for her to stand, “Then you shouldn’t be doing stupid stuff like that or you'll hurt your legs.” 

She shrugged her shoulders and stood with a straight pose, it was amazing how still she could be and not resemble a statue. It was an elegant pose, but he was sure it had something to do with her dancing than her actually knowing how to pose. She would take great photographs, if she wanted, but something about her told him that they would have lots of trouble to get her to stay still in front of the cameras.                                                                                                           

The elevator ride would be short, but it still felt odd not to start off a conversation with her. “So,” she turned to him causing his breath to catch in his throat, “Umm, which is your favorite song of Kana's?”

She looked at him for a few seconds before her lips started to trembled and he wished he had stayed off the topic. Muffling a laugh, she turned to reach into her bag where she got out her notebook. Matt was still blushing at the thought of Kana and Ishinaka, and kept calling himself stupid every time he remembered.

'I don't have a favorite song,' she wrote on her notebook and showed it to him, 'They're all nice to listen to.'

“You don't say,” he let out a small laugh, he should've known she wasn't the type of girl that favored anything, not even songs, “One of my few favorites is Waltz of the Moon, the one she was singing yesterday.”

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