Chapter 34

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1 year later

"Alright let's move it everyone into the limo!" Hannah shouted.

I had 2 people helping with my train and my mom was holding Anastasia for me.

"Let's go! We have 1 hour to be at the church and we need to get the rest of these bridesmaids ready. Let's hustle bitches!" Hannah continued.

We crammed into the limo, my dress taking up one good side.

Once we made it we had 30 minutes to get the rest of the bridesmaids ready.

Hannah curled my hair and Ana ran around throwing flowers while my mom picked them up for her.

I wasn't nervous just antsy.

Hannah was forcing me to wear heels so I was practically stumbling down the hall to the lobby.

"Get in place! Mom I need you with Jordan, Mikalia you're with Chris. Dad get with Kaitlin up front. And I need my flower girls and ring, boy, person ready! And Nathan you're with me. Let's go!" They all paired off and my dad stood beside me.

I heard Nathan whisper to Hannah "I love it when you're bossy."

"Ew! Nope! Not today you two!" I teased at them.

The music started and the doors opened. I watched as everyone walked forward. One by one I got closer and closer.

Finally it was my turn, dad squeezed my arm and we began to walk.

Everyone turned, stood and stared,

But all I could focus on was Destery. He looked so handsome and insanely nervous. He was shifting around but his eyes never once left mine.

When the time came my dad handed me off and Destery's clammy hand grasped mine.

The preacher said all his boring stuff an I waited for my cue, we decided to write vows.

"Kaitlin....oh boy. Well I HAD, something written and memorized but seeing you made me forget everything. So I'm gonna say the worst possible thing. I'm gonna wing it." he said, there was an audible wince from the crowd.

" From the moment Nathan opened that door and I saw you, I knew I wanted to get to know you. Marriage wasn't in the plan but just the same, it happened. So I guess instead of this long speech that I know not even you want to hear. I love you Kaitlin. And if I ever wanted to be married, it would be only to you." He finished.

In his own dorky way it was sweet.

Now it was my turn.

"Destery, unlike you I remembered," I teased.

"I don't think I expected any of this when I came to Florida to get away from Tennessee. But I'm glad it did, because every small thing that happened, lead us to this moment right now. Even though we didn't go in order, I'm happy with our little happy family and our little bundle of happiness." I finished.

The little boy must have creeped up because there he was with the rings.

We slipped the rings on.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife." The preacher finished.

Everyone cheered but me and Destery were to busy skipping to the kissing the bride part.

In the end we sped off toward our little honey moon for about a week while mom watched Ana for us.

In the car, on the way to the airport Destery grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"For the record, I'm happy things happened the way they did. And I love our little bundle of happiness too." he finished.

The end

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