Chapter 1

"Kira I promise that you're going to enjoy Los Angeles." Said an older familar voice. I rolled my eyes and stared at my father, who was named Andrew Sanderson. Why does he think I'm going to enjoy Los Angeles? I hate big cities in California. Especially since I would have to live with that women. My dad told me six months ago that my mother who abandoned me five years ago wants to take care of me. I didn't like it that he thinks that it would be good for me. It won't be good for me, all it will do is damage me. " Daddy you know I hate big cities in California. Especially L.A." I told him. Andrew smiled softly. " Sweetie, your mother is excited that your going coming. please give it a try for me and your mother." He told me. I looked at my dad and shruged unsure. " Dad... I... can't live with her.'' I stuttered looking away.

Why should I do it for that women? All she did is cause me sorrow and pain. She left my father and I five years ago, and she didn't give a dam how I felt or how my father felt. according to my dad, she left us for a better life for herself. But I know the real truth. She left because she didn't love my dad anymore. She hated Flordia more than anything, so I wasn't kinda suprised that she left. But then again I was shocked taht she left. When I was eleven years old my mother used to tell me all the time that she loved my dad more than her her souls. But it wasn't true. It was an act, nothing more. I had relized that after she left.Back then when my mother left, my dad was devastaded whe he found out, he wouldn't eat anything for a week. It took two weeks for my dad to tell me what was going on. When I found out on that day waht my mom did to my dad, it made me angery. My dad suffered because of her leaving. I had to learn to depend and take care of myself while my dad went to work at 6:30am till 10:30pm. Sometimes he worked till midnight. Our family was devastaded becauseof her. I hate her for it.

Ever since five years ago, I'm the one who has changed. I'm not not the soft little girl that she left behide. I'm someone who doesn't take pain or shit anymore. I'm a nice teenage girl with a bitchy attuide. No one messes with me because I'm tough. My father doesn't like the way I act or like the people I hang out with. Which I think is totally absurd. My friends accept me for who I am andd they are here for me. Unlike my family. My dad was at work all the time and my mother was in Los Angeles. So I kinda depended on my friends . The support and love from my friends was all I had. " Kira your going, no ifs or buts. your going and thats final." Andrew said firmly. I stared at my dad suprised. He never was so serious with me. But Hes serious about me going to Los Angeles. He was sending me away. I couldn't beilve it. I sighed and glared at him. " Whatever dad. send me away to that women. I can careless." I said. " Your plan will be leaving tommorow afternoon." He told me. I rolled my eyes and stood up. " Fine. Whatever." I said exiting the room.

As usual I walk way when I don't get what I wanted. I didn't want to leave Flordia. My friends at school would be upset. They would abandoned me if they found out the truth. It was better if they didn't know the truth. Eventhough my dad would tell them why I was gone. Which would make it worse for me.

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