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Pen Your Pride

“JAYY! JAYY! JAYY! JAYY!” I said bouncing up and down on the bed.

“Whaaaaat?” he whined.

“I want to go swimming.” I replied.

“What time is it?” he asked rubbing his eyes.

“It’s one in the afternoon. Pretty p—“ Jayy pulled me down on him.

“Jayy!” I squealed. He smirked at me.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Pleaaaaase?” I asked using ‘the look’

“Babe that look isn’t—every time you want something---would you stop!” he said. I didn’t stop.

“Fine I’ll go swimming with you. While I’m getting ready Dahvie will come with you.” He said. I smirked.

“Thanks babe.” I said kissing him. I went to get up but he pulled me back down.

“Jayy! I need to get my swimsuit on!” I whined.

“Can you make me something to eat after?” he asked.

“Sure thing babe.” I said. He smiled and kissed me.

“Thank you.” He said. I nodded and got up and grabbed my swimsuit.

“Is that even going to cover you?” Jayy asked. I flipped him off and walked into that bathroom. I changed into my swimsuit then walked to the kitchen to make waffles. Dahvie walked into the kitchen in his swimsuit too.

“Damn girl.” He said. I flipped him off and handed him a plate of waffles.

“Thanks baby girl.” He said stuffing his face.

“Geeze fatass at least chew the damn food.” I said.

“At least I eat food.” He replied.

“Fuck you. I eat like mother fuckin cow.” I said eating a waffle. Jayy walked into the kitchen in his swimsuit. Yes he looked like a god.

“Here you go babe.” I said handing him his plate. He kissed me across the counter.

“I like this, getting served by a hot girl in a bikini. Yup this is the life.” Dahvie said. I leaned over and pulled out one of his hairs.

“Owww!” he screamed. I smirked at him and sat down across from them with my waffles.

“Hey you still need to be in my tittie cam!” Dahvie said running out of the room.

“Damn it, I was hoping he would forget about that.” I said.

Jayy chuckled. “These are fantastic waffles by the way.”

“Damn right!” I said shoving some in my mouth. Dahvie walked in with his video camera.

“And here is the lovely couple eating waffles.” He said.

“shsheied;aldfjekealfk.” I said.

“And as usual, Leslie stuffing her face.” Dahvie said. I swallowed my food.

“You were just stuffing your face seconds ago so fuck it.” I said.

“So as you guys can see Leslie is ready to go swimming after lunch. Now she owes me something and that something is the tittie cam!” he said. He put the camera to my chest. I sighed and pushed my boobs together.

“Rockstar titties!” Dahvie shouted.

“Let’s keep in mind that those are mine, so hands off.” Jayy said.

“Yeah what he said.” I replied. I grabbed Dahvie’s, Jayy’s and my plate and took them to the sink.

“Look at dat ass! Owww! JAYY!” Dahvie yelled.

“Jayy come on I want to go swimming!” I whined. Jayy walked up to me and put me over his shoulder. He carried me outside to the porch and threw me in. I swam back up to the top. Jayy was turned around. I quietly swam over and grabbed his ankle, pulling him in the pool. I was laughing my ass off when he came back up.

“You think that was funny?” he asked.

“No, it was fuckin hilarious!” I replied.

He started swimming towards me. I screamed and tried swimming away.

He picked me up and threw me again. I swam back up and coughed a little. I smirked and slowly went under water. I swam up behind him and jumped on his back.

 I saw the parents come out. They started cheering for who to win. Dahvie’s parents were voting for me while Dahvie and Jayy’s mom were voting for Jayy.

Jayy fell backwards causing both of us to go under water. He turned around and grabbed me by the waist. We swam back up together and everybody boo’ed us. We flipped them off and continued kissing.

“Alright guys, I’m going to go swimming now. Bye fuckers!” I heard Dahvie say and then there was a splash next to us but Jayy and I continued kissing.

“I love you.” He said. YAYYYY!

“I love you too.” I replied and he grinned at me and kissed me again.

God I love him so fuckin much.

(a/n: yeah...this chapter sucked ass.....)

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