When Noah opened his eyes once more it was already nighttime, the darkness around him as deep as his own frustrations. He sat up from the bed, scratching at the back of his head curiously. He'd just been planning to take a short nap. He walked around the place while still groggy, turning the lights on and sighing to himself when he saw the clock and realized it was indeed nighttime.

He'd napped at most a few hours, and for some reason he felt as if he'd been smashed against a brick wall. Some people enjoyed naps, gained some rest from them, but Noah just gained a soreness in his body and an ache in his head.

Noah was also insanely hungry.

He strapped on his weapons, sliding his daggers into his boots and making sure the sharp part of the blade that pressed against his brace wasn't poking at his skin. Upon finishing, he walked out the door, glancing both ways cautiously before quietly making his way towards the streets.

He wasn't supposed to leave the room without Bryce's companionship, but he also didn't feel like calling Bryce at such a late hour just because Infuri authorities believed Noah needed a demon to save him. He didn't, not at all, and he'd prove them wrong soon enough.

Besides, it wasn't as if he gave a single damn about the rules regarding stupid egoistical bodyguards with a thing for shutting people down and stroking their own egos. Noah simply wouldn't – refused, even – to call the bastard and give him the satisfaction of thinking that Noah was defenseless without him.

So Instead he slipped into the dark night, gripping his bow tightly. He was just getting food after all. It would take, what, ten minutes?


Noah's eyes flickered across the buildings, settling on the dim lights that illuminated the streets. There were so many lights, yet their adorning brightness dimmed against the dark-shaded glass that separated them from the outside. That was a thing here, tinted windows in houses. Privacy was important here. Still, demons took it to a completely new level of absurd.

The young human passed by the houses, noticing the metal fences that separated some of the front yards. They had barbed wires wrapped around the perimeter's metal linings, an ugly sight considering the possibility of any small infant being within possible touching distance.

If Noah could take anything from observation, it was that they were considerably emotionless when it came to their decisions, whether that meant risking a life or ignoring others' beliefs.

He sighed, glancing down at his wallet. He should have enough to buy something to eat, but not enough to keep him going for long.

Noah had some money, surprisingly, since the HDPP had provided him financial support. The amount he had on him, however, was not the amount that they'd originally intended to give him. His reserve was meant to be rather high, especially considering how expensive products and other services where within the walls of Infuri.

Yet, the HDPP had only been able to give him an incredibly minimal amount until they could figure out a deal with the bank system present with Infuri. There was no way to transfer money in a fair equilibrium, not unless they turned an eye blind to the increasing level of transferring failures and taxations policies that applied only in specific situations. There was a high taxation for money that people transferred across from one side to the other, with it being considerably more expensive when the money was going out, since apparently, they felt that they didn't want to be handing out their money to humans, and this would keep demons who already would never want to give anything to humans from even considering it. However, that didn't mean that the taxation was not extremely high when the money was coming in as well. The rates varied, but the reasoning was still quite as twisted: Humans didn't deserve it and demons didn't need the help.

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