3-First Day of School

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I got my backpack and got in my car to drive to school. I have a silver convertible. I wasn’t going to deny that I’m rich. Claire is a lawyer and Max is a surgeon, so I am pretty spoiled. But I don’t act like it.

So on my way to school to live through my first day as a senior, I thought about my August vacation. I thought about Hawaii. I thought about Logan.

Every day that I was there, I spent with him. We went to the beach, we tried surfing, we went snorkeling, we swam with the dolphins, and we even saw a whale while on a dinner cruise.

Of course I had said, “Yes” to his question. He seems like he would be an awesome boyfriend. Plus, I needed to get over Matt.

But the problem is, he didn’t tell me where he lives. So I’m not sure if the long distance relationship is going to work. We text all of the time but we can’t physically see each other. I guess I will just have to see how it works out.

I finished thinking about Logan as I pulled into school. I parked and right when I walked through the doors, Paige runs up to me and says, “So Chlo, how does it feel to be single and ready to mingle?”

I think about how I am going to tell her. “Well…..you see…..”

“You didn’t!” She says excitedly.

“I did!”

She slaps me playfully.

“What was that for?” I ask.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t know how you would react.” I say quietly.

“Why would I react badly?” She asks.

“Because he already graduated college. He’s 23.”

“Oh my gosh Chloe. Tha-”

I interrupt her. “I know Paige. I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t let me finish! I was gonna say that is so awesome!” She says happily.

“Oh, well thanks.” I say.

The bell rings and Paige says, “You gotta tell me everything at lunch, girl.”

I nod and head to my first class. History. The worst class to start the day off with. It’s early, everyone is tired, and we have to learn about something that is so boring, it makes us fall asleep. Woohoo!

I made it through all of my morning classes. History, Math, and Spanish. Now I was headed to lunch. I am starving! I sat down at a table with Paige, Zoey, Zeke, Mason, and Nate.

Paige is my best friend. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She is average height and super pretty.

Zoey and Zeke are twins. They are so alike it’s crazy. They both have strawberry blonde hair and are fairly tall.

Mason is shy but extremely smart. He has a cute face with brown hair and freckles.

Nate is the cocky one. Athletic and definitely a player. He had blonde flippy hair and gorgeous brown eyes. (I have to admit that he is hot but I would never ever go out with him. We are too good of friends. Plus he is a player.)

I took a seat in between Paige and Nate. These two are probably my two closest friends in the group.

“Sooooooooooo?” Chloe says, obviously wanting the scoop about Logan.

“Okay. So you know when you texted me to check Matt’s facebook?” She nods. “Well I was at a luau at the time and I ran off crying when I saw it. He came up to me and he took me back to the hotel. He let me ramble on about my problems as he quietly listened. Then we ended up making out and spending the rest of our vacation days together.” I said the last sentence quickly.

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