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I was sitting beside Ezra at the hospital now, he still didn't wake up his beautiful silver eyes were still shut and the fact if him almost dying made me shiver every time, how would I live. How would I breath.
I ran my fingers through his silky brown hair trying to make it look nice, then my palms landed on his face stroking it in a circular motion.
" I love you " I brought my face closer to his till my nose was now touching his skin and I whispered again " I love so much silver eyes that I can't stay a moment away from you "
I pulled away really fast and saw that the corners of his lips were tugged up.

He's up !! He's awake!

I tried removing my hand from his face but as I did his came straight up and held them back.
" keep it"he said his voice cracking " I like it beautiful "
" oh God " now my voice cracked and I started crying my other free hand now covered half of my face. He was awake and I couldn't believe it .
" I love you too green eyes " he whispered and brought his hand up to remove mine and replace it with his " so much that I don't how to express it to you "
" don't you dare leave , don't you dare die " I couldn't stop crying " I thou-"
" shhh" he pulled me to him and kissed my forehead " I will never leave you, I can't stand it to be away I can't stay away "
I warped myself on him gently minding his injuries and he did the same thing to me until we were laying together on the same bed hands warped around each other .
" I'm hungry " Ezra whispered as the door flung oped and Sasha came inside she had to bags of Mac Donald's but the bags fell on the floor the moment she saw that Ezra was awake .
" Oh dear God thank you " now she started to cry dragging me with her .
But Ezra started to laugh " look at tour faces hahahah "
That made me stop.
" you were shot you ass hole and you too much blood that you needed fresh blood and that is what you say when you see us cry " Sasha shouted .
" you almost died " I whispered and his eyes softened and pulled me closer that we already were " I know my queen I know "
Sasha came to the bad and threw her hands over him making him wince and she got of him immediately.
" oh shit sorry I'm sorry "
" It's okay sash" Ezra said calmly " but I am hungry " he was now looking at the bag laying on the floor .
" ohh hell no, no fast food for you young man " I said getting off the bed and face him with a furious gaze that made him shut up with a gulp.

" ok "

Two hours later
" for gods sake Ezra eat the damn porridge already !" I shouted at Ezra who was laying on the bed with his hands crossed and a frown on his face .
" no this is disgusting "
" hey you bitch I cooked that " Becca said annoyed .
" exactly "
" rude " zoey whispered
Bryce smirked
" wipe that smile of your face Lucas or you'll die in less that a minuet " Becca snapped at Bryce making him do exactly what he was told .
" now open up or it's me turn to kill you" I said now turning to Ezra .
" it's a nice room don't you think ?" He said instead.
" don't change the subject Ezra " I said .
" I'm not maybe I'll move in here in the hospital"

" shut up and eat now" I said trying to open his mouth with my fingers but there was no use

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" shut up and eat now" I said trying to open his mouth with my fingers but there was no use .
" I said I was hungry, I did not ask fir poison " he sad
" I'm gonna murder this guy " Becca said with a laugh .
" its okay beccy I love your porridge " lina said with a soft voice she was sitting on Lorises lap who was now taking a nap on the couch near zoey .
" I love you to baby "
" I'm not a baby "
" okay princess "
" Ezra if you eat this I will make you dozens of the Nutella cupcakes "
Ezras eyes lit up with joy and pend his mouth finally .
" good thank you "
" your welcome love" he replied with a sarcastic tone that made me slap his shoulder .
A moment later Ezras porridge finished and he was full and I sat there next to him on the bed exhausted, and my phone buzzed in my pocked .
" hello " I said picking it up
"Boss its the red head she escaped "

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