#11 He Mentions You in an Interview

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okay, yes i know that gale doesn't go to the games but have some imagination y'all


"Good luck." I call to Finnick, right before he steps out onto the stage. He gives me an-award winning smile. Interviews seem to be different this year. Victors are made that were back in this place.

The applause is deafening once Finnick reaches the eyes of the Capitol.

"Welcome, Finnick Odair" Caesar's voice bellows out into the arena.

Caesar starts off with basic questions that he asks most victors. It's all going well until the last few questions.

"So, I have a question for you Mr. Odair." Caesar grins an evil smile.

"Let's hear it." I can see the dimples on Finnick's cheeks.

"I would like you to answer me honestly." He pauses for the dramatics, "Who has captured your heart?"

The crowd roars with approval at the question.

"I actually have a girlfriend right now. She's truly amazing. She's the one, I just know it." Finnick looks off stage and we make eye contact. I know that his new grin is the face that I'm blushing.

"Anyone we know?" Caesar raises his eyebrows.

"Yes, actually she is going to be out on this stage next." Finnick winks.

This will make for an interesting interview.


Peeta taps his foot nervously on the floor. I can tell that he must be super nervous right now. I wish that I could be there for him right now but unfortunately I am stuck back in 12.

"So Peeta, tell me about yourself." Caesar asks.

"Well, I'm a pretty simple guy. My family has a bakery that I work at." Peeta smutters out while trying to remain calm.

"Anyone you have waiting on you back home?" Caesar questions before looking out to the audience for their approval.

Peeta swallows before answering the question.

"I have my family of course, and I have (Y/n)."

"Who is this (Y/n)?"

The crowd oohs and aahs.

"She's my girlfriend actually. We've been dating for a while now." Peeta finally looks calm now, his nerves seem to have calmed down some. "She's really great, I just want to come home to her."

I can't help but tear up.

"Well I wish you good luck, Peeta." Caesar shakes his hand before they finish up the interviews.


"Thank you." I smile and curtsey slightly before walking off stage.

I am so glad to be done with my interview, yet another benefit of being in District 2 I can get it done and over with it.

Cato walks out after me to start his interview and try to wow the crowd as much as I did.

"Hello hello." Caesar laughs his iconic laugh.

"It's great to be here, Caesar." Cato smiles his pearly whites to the crowd.

"So, you volunteered to be here? Why is that?"

"I have been training my whole life for this. I would love to win this for my family and my district." Cato nods along with his story.

"Any girl you would like to win for?" He asks, getting a thrill from the crowd.

"Yes actually."

My heart stops, I turn to look at the monitor so I can see Cato's face and what he's going to say.

"I would love to win it for my district partner. I wish that we could be here at different times. She is my everything, truly. I know that she is definitely a fighter and will be a tough competitor in the arena. I want to win, but it might just crush me to lose her."

A hush falls over the crowd.

"Well I wish the two of you the best of luck." Caesar says somewhat honestly.


The warmth of a bath is the only thing that can pull me from my thoughts for a little while. It doesn't take long for me to be pulled back into my thoughts of Gale. He starts the Hunger Games tomorrow.

"(Y/n), it starts in five minutes." My mother calls through the bathroom door.

I get out and dry myself off and meet the rest of my family in the living room. I missed a few of the early district interviews. Soon enough, we've reached Gale.

He walks out on stage and he looks so different. He's cleaner than ever, they've shaved his beard scruff and he looks much younger, his clothes are all designer.

Gale is quiet and short with his answers, either too shy to go into depth of the interview or too careless.

"Who do you have back in 12, Gale?" Caesar asks.

"I have my parents, and my siblings..." He goes on and talks about his family members and I can't help but smile at how much he cares about them. "... and of course there is my girlfriend, (Y./N). She is there for my though everything and I want to win to come home to her. She makes everything in life seem so much better, happier."

"Is there anything that you want to say to her?" Caesar asks and the crowd begins to cheer him on.

"Yes, (Y/n) I know you're watching right now and I just want to let you know that I love you so much and I'm going to win this for you." He closes off his interview and walks off, waving to the camera.

"He's going to win this for me." I say this more to myself than my family but regardless my dad wraps an arm around my shoulder.

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