Chapter 1 Hello School

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Error's p.o.v.

'I'm in the basement with my brothers and we're eating our rare breakfast of a fruit like an apple.' "COME HERE ERROR!!! YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!" My dad yells across the house. 'Oh fuck! I'm in trouble.' I go upstairs slowly. A beer bottle flys across the room and hits the wall beside me, inches from my face. I yelp in a mix of surprise and fear. "Get ready. Tomorrow you and your brothers are going to school." He says. "WhY?" I ask, barely above a whisper. "ARE YOU TALKING BACK YOU LITTLE SHIT?!" He yells. "N...nO sIr." I stutter. "Good! Now go back into the basement unless you want to give me another reason to beat your ass!" 'It's probably because of the police and child services.' We couldn't go to them even if we tried. Nope. Dad says he's got friends there. I run back into the basement that's been made into a very dirty makeshift room. I lay on 1 of the 4 dirty and uncomfortable mattresses on the ground. I finish my apple and sleep. I don't got anything better to do. 'We hardly ever get to leave the house. The only time we do, Dad is with us. 'Tomorrow's school then. Hello school'.

Ink's p.o.v.

'I'm a troublesome guy. I get good grades, but school fucking sucks!' "Morning sweetheart." My mom says in her usual sweet voice. "Morning Momma." I say, sitting down for a big breakfast of pancakes and eggs. "Paint get down here lazy bones!" I yell at my brother. 'Ugh. He's going to miss breakfast.' I go to his room and he's fast asleep. I jump on top of him and he wakes up. " *laughs* Oh my stars your face!" I say, laughing my non-existent ass off. "Come on! Let's go play some basketball!" I say, starry eyed. "Sure, Bro! Going to try out this year...again?" He says, giggling. "You know it!" I say, as we finish breakfast and go outside. He's excited for school and I get to hang out with my friends. 'Tomorrow's school then. Hello school'.

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