Chapter 3:

"Wait...Aunt Beth said I'd be moving in with you, not Louis." I said.

"AND HARRY!" Harry screamed. Living with those two, no thanks.

"Well, Louis wants to get to know you better. He practically begged me." Mum chuckled, pinching one of Louis's cheeks.

"MUUUUM!" Louis groaned. "Don't do that."

"But...I don't want to go to London. I'll be leaving Aunt Beth and all my friends!" I protested. I didn't want to leave Doncaster. It was my home. And especially Aunt Beth. She would be living alone!

"It'll be fuuuuun!" Harry said.

I looked at Pippa. She didn't want me to leave either. I mean, we've been friends ever since the third grade. I didn't want to lose her.

"You can bring Pippa if you want..." Louis said cautiously, backing away from Pippa probably fearing that she'd explode.

"I d-"


"And I actually believed you weren't obsessed..."

"Maybe I have one or two or ten posters and their album, but I'm not that obsessed." Pippa said.

"Is that why we never hang out at your house and I haven't seen your room in a year?"


"Make her say yes!" Louis encouraged.

Pippa smiled devilishly. "So remember that time in seventh grade, that boy...what's his name...Carter Jenkins?"

"NO!" I screamed and covered her mouth. "You promised to never speak of that again!"

"What happened?" Zayn asked.


"No Pippa!"

"Then say you'll move in with your brother and take me with you!"


"Then we played Seven Minutes In Heaven-"


"Say it aloud for me!" Pippa said.

"I will move in with the brother i never knew I had and I will take you with me!" I said.

"Who else wants her to say no so we can hear what happened?" Niall asked. All five boys raised their hands slowly. My half-sisters just rolled their eyes. Mum just shook her head and smiled.

"NO! I'll go." I muttered.


"Louis, we only have one extra room." Harry said.


"She can be in my flat. I have an extra bedroom." Zayn offered.

"Yes." Pippa immediately agreed.

"Then it's settled!" Mum said. STILL WEIRD. "Rosie, you'll be with Louis in London. Me and the girls will help and we'll be staying in a near by hotel. We want to get to know you Rosie."

"But what about Aunt Beth? I feel bad for leaving her behind." I said.

"I'll be fine Rosie." Aunt Beth said. She was behind me with a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure sweetie. I've had you for eighteen years. I think it's your mother's turn." Aunt Beth said, kissing my cheek.

"We'll get your boxes and suitcase in the car." Liam offered, giving me a quick smile. I just nodded my head. The five boys went to the kitchen where the boxes were scattered around the floor. They picked them up and carried them outside.

"This will be perfect. I promise." Mum said. It was becoming less weird...well kinda.

It was about a three hour drive to London. We were separated into two cars. Mum and my sisters had all my stuff and the boys insisted that Pippa and me rode with them. She had called her parents and after a long half an hour persuasion, her parents agreed. She was eighteen already. We had stopped by Pippa's house to gather her things. She didn't have many so it didn't take too long.

Well this should be exciting. I was crammed between Louis and Harry. Pippa was in between Zayn and Liam. Niall was on Liam's other side.

"So you're my new sis." Louis grinned.

"Not really. I've been here for eighteen years. I wasn't born yesterday you know." I said.


"It's kinda weird too. I mean after you there was me and I was sent off to live with Aunt Beth. Then Mum has four more kids and she doesn't even take me back! Now I'm eighteen. I'm an adult. I don't even need her anymore. Aunt Beth is more like my mother." I said. I never realized how angry I really was. I used to think about it a lot. But I realized that she had four more children after me and didn't even take me back.

"I never though of it that way..." Louis said.

"Yeah, because you aren't in my situation." I replied. Pippa and the other boys were just looking at us. Weirdly.

It was completely silent the rest of the ride. Eventually the boys fell asleep and so did Pippa. I just logged on to my twitter account. I had about 70 followers.

I gasped. I had gained 300 followers. I checked my twitter last night.

There was one tweet that caught my eye though.

@Louis_Tomlinson: @RosieEPoulston Should change your twitter name to RosieETomlinson since you are my sister!

It was tweeted...what the hell? Ten minutes ago?

Louis was yawning and just waking up. I punched his shoulder and his eyes snapped open. "What the hell?!"

I handed him my phone. He saw the tweet and smirked. "Yeah I know."

"Now the whole world knows I'm your sister!" I said.

"Is that a bad thing?" Uh...I badly wanted to say yes, but come on...he's my brother... But I hated him. But I couldn't hate him. It was like a little war going on inside my head.


"I don't know if it's a bad thing! It's just...I need some time to get used to it. All my life I was pretty damn sure I was an only child. Then BAM! I find out I have four half-sisters and a brother. Oh yeah! My brother is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! Does that happen to anyone else? No I don't think so. I just need to let it sink in." I said. That was a pretty long ramble.

"I'm sorry. But you don't even know how mad I got when I was told that I had another sister. A sister that I didn't even know existed." He said.

Then Niall spoke up. "You should've seen him beg your mum to let you stay in London. He was on his knees and everything." He chuckled.

"Shut up leprechaun." Louis muttered. "OR NO NANDO'S!"

Niall gasped. "Don't use that trick on me!"

"I love Nando's." I said.

"Oh no..." Louis said.

"ME TOO! ISN'T IT THE BEST PLACE EVER?!" Niall screamed, waking up all the others.

"Niall, what the bloody hell?" Harry groaned.

"Seriously." Pippa muttered. Her head was rested on Zayn's shoulder.

"SHE LIKES NANDO'S!" Niall smiled happily.

How was I going to survive with these boys?

Thank you for all your reads! I'm so happy y'all like it! :)


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