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Apartment B12 was small enough to be cosy but just big enough to fit the four men who occupied it, and the occasional guests they had. Each boy had their own room, a place where they went to escape the others when they needed some time alone. This is why when Luke walked into his room he was shocked to see nothing of his own in there. Everything he kept there, the dog eared copies of the books he had read over and over again, the picture frames containing pictures of his mum and niece, even the Yankee candles he burned were gone. He spun on his heels and walked out to the living room. Michael had his head in Crystals lap, the purple haired girl playing absent mindedly with his purple hair. Calum was helping Ashton write a song. This was all too calm. This triggered Luke.

"Why is everyone so calm?! We've been robbed." Luke complained. No one even lifted their head which frustrated him more. "Hello, where are my things morons?" Luke said louder this time. "You haven't been robbed numb nuts, your stuff is in my room." Michael said. Luke's bushy brows furrowed together. "And why are all of my things in your room?"
"Georgia is coming to stay here for a while, she's taking your room." Ashton explained, tapping his hand against his ankle.
"Do tell why your younger sister is taking my room and not her big brothers? Who up until this point failed to mention that she was taking a trip." "I knew." Calum said. "So did I." Michael echoed, Crystal looking up and nodding her head, giving Luke a sympathetic look.
"But why are they in Michaels room? Why did I have to give up my room?" Luke whined, flopping down on the couch. "You're the youngest. And Michael lost against Calum in a game of Rock Paper Scissors." Luke scoffed and Calum laughed, "sorry man, you're a cuddler and I didn't sign up for that."
"Fucking shit man."

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