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"i'm coming over."

jimin felt his heart drop. his eyes grew wide as he stared off in shock.

"w-what? now?"

"yes, now. in fact, i'll be there in ten minu-"

"-no." jimin said quickly, now glaring into thin air. "if you step one foot near my house, i'll-"

he then hears yoongi click his tongue, scoffing. "-you'll what? listen, jimin. i'm going whether you like it or not. we need to solve all this. i'll see you in a bit," he then hung up, leaving the younger speechless.

jin sees his best friend standing there randomly and furrows his eyebrows. "jimin? are you alright?" he asks.

jimin shakes his head slowly before looking up at him.

"h-he's coming over... fuck! he's coming over, hyung! what do i do?! all i wanted was to finally get over him but now he's coming over to talk to me."

"yoongi? right now?" jin questioned, tilting his head. jimin only nods, looking back down.

"that little shit..." the older male mumbled, hearing jimin sigh softly.

"don't worry about it. just let me handle this, please..."

jin nods, walking away from jimin to go back to what he was doing.

jimin bit the inside of his cheek while pacing around the living room, nervous about yoongi's arrival. he wasn't sure how exactly this whole meet would go. he'd quite possibly have a panic attack which was definitely not fun to fucking have.

'should i change into something else? or fix my hair? oh god, jimin. stop. you aren't trying to impress him and you surely are not going on a date. quit being stupid...'

he slapped himself on the cheek before huffing.

and before he knew it, ten minutes flew by fast.


as soon as yoongi got off the phone, he immediately took off without any hesitation.

he didn't care about jimin's protests or that he most likely was going to be punched in the face. all he wanted was to see jimin and fix the shit that had broken them apart. he missed jimin with every fiber of his being and hated himself for acting like a dumb ass.

in a rush, the brunette raced up the steps to jimin's door, knocking on it.

seconds later, the red head answers, staring at him in complete silence. his eyes were red and puffy from crying so hard and it made yoongi feel way worse.

without hesitation, he wrapped his arms around the younger really tight and bit his cheek. "i'm so sorry, jiminie..."

"i hate you..." jimin whispers, though his arms were already snaking around yoongi. his eyes started tearing up once again as he cried in the older's arms. "but i-i can't stop thinking about you. w-which makes me hate you even more." the younger hiccups, choking on his tears.

all yoongi could do was hold jimin closer, not planning on breaking their hug anytime soon.

"it hurt so badly, yoongi... to think of you leaving me for someone else. to think that you wouldn't ever be coming back to comfort me or to kiss me. i felt so empty."

yoongi slowly pulls away, gently placing his hands on jimin's face. "you don't ever have to worry about me leaving you. that whole kiss scandal was a trap. i'm never talking to her again. and i swear that i will not ignore you. i'll talk to you everyday and tell you things."

jimin glances away, frowning slightly.

"please just forgive me ji-"

yoongi's sentence was cut short by jimin's lips pressed against his.


yoongi loved the way jimin's face lit up when they saw each other.

he just looked so goddamn adorable. like a little kid in a pet store.

"yoongi!" jimin shouted, running towards the blonde who had his arms wide open for his baby.

the younger giggled happily, hugging him tightly. "i missed you," he says, smiling up at yoongi who wore a smile as well. "i missed you too, love."

he pulls away from the hug, kissing jimin on the cheek. "you ready to go?" the older asked, earning a nod in response.

after a few loooong weeks of not seeing each other because of yoongi's busy schedule, they were finally getting the chance to. jimin was staying at yoongi's for a while and the older literally couldn't have been happier.

once jimin had set his belongings down, the two made their way up to the roof where the red head stood with a smile on his face as he admired the night sky. he turned towards yoongi, who had his focus mainly on the younger.

"isn't it pretty out tonight?"

yoongi nods, looking around.

"yeah. it's really pretty... but..." the older looks back to him and smiles, "you're prettier..."

jimin blushed, laughing softly.


"i'm serious."

jimin, obviously flustered, looks away from yoongi.

yoongi bites his lip slightly before taking a step closer to jimin, lifting his head up and kissing him on the lips gently. although surprised, jimin kissed him back, wrapping his arms around yoongi who had snaked his own arms around jimin's waist.

their first full kiss- was like a scene out of a kdrama to be honest.


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