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Previously in Deadly Scadals

"As fun as it is I can't play your silly games..." She hummed with a smile as she dropped her gun and revealed a orange whip in her grasp, she whiped it around a bit creating a crackling sound with every sharp pull and tug.

"I figured you'd want to play "hero" some time anyway." She stated darkly as she slashed the whip towards us.

We instantly jumped out of the way as the fight began. Lux was right when she said Bedelia lived up to her name, but one things for sure is that she wasn't impossible to beat. Like teams in sports she has a strategy, if we can keep moving and diving her attacks long enough we can learn them and beat her. We just have to find out her strategy pattern and most of all her goal.

If only we knew what she was actually after...

We could have prevented a mess we didn't even realize we got ourselves into.

Ch.57 Bedelia Flavia Havoc part1

"Fine! You win!" Aito gave into Finiax's begging. I stopped arguing with Shifteh a while ago, since she decided to go a join the fight pretending as if she wasn't the cause of this. Finiax had been begging to heal Amber since then and Aito had finally given in.

Finiax immediately started healing Savage, I watched anxiously and smiled when I saw the wounded girls contorted face eased with contentment.

"It's working!" I stated.

"Yes, however I'll have to stop soon in order to balance the wound. That way I won't completely transfer her wound to me but she'll still survive." Finiax stated continuing, I jumped however as a yelp fell from the fish like monsters lips as a cracking sound was made.

A slash was clearing visable on Finiax's peach pink skin, her chest heaving as she held back a sob of pain at the attack. Aito and Moa ran to the Angelfish like monsters side in panic as they checked to see if she was okay.

Another crack sound and I immediately turned to look barely dodging the source, I was about to get ready to defend my friends but my soul skipped a beat as a void like feeling filled my stomach.

"You will come willingly." The butterfly like woman stated demanding despite her words being said in a sweet tone.

In her hands she held PJ by the collar of his shirt, in his arms he held a unconscious Lux. He barely managed to look me in the eyes before his head lowered, as he weakly whispered something.

With no other words said she let go of his shirt letting him completely fall onto the ground, leaving him to lay there weak and defeated with my sister. I wanted so badly to run to their side, hug them, see if they were okay; but that's probably what she wanted.

"...Why are you doing this? What do you want?" I asked as she smiled bowing.

"My name is Bedelia Flavia Havoc, I want nothing more but my end of the deal payed. I'm doing this because your what I need in order to have my end of the deal sealed, plus you are involved with Garte. Now that is explained will you come willingly or do I need to give you a reason too?" She asked politely standing straight as she motioned her woo towards PJ and Lux.

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