Bulge size

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First of all I would like to say that even I was not expecting to do this, and that the results may not be correct because, what kind of person would strip, take a ruler, and measure their thing?

Not unless their Daniel Radcliffe or course.

I actually read a lot of posts regarding this topic. But they might not be accurate to I'll say that this is just my opinion.

Also if you see my history bar and it says things like 

'How to tell if a guy is big'

'How do you know a man groin's size without seeing it?'

I just want you to know it's for research purposes.

7) Suga

Reasons he ranks high:

-Big hands (19cm)

-Big Shoulders

-Index and ring finger are mismatched

Reasons he ranks low:

-He's a short guy

-He's also a small guy overall

-Short and skinny guys don't have a big package

-His hand is big, but too skinny (We're talking about size here, not length. Determining size is easy, but for length, you really need a ruler.)

-He also has thin lips

(He was first place in the last list and now he back at pit bottom).

6) Jhope

Reasons he ranks high:

-Height matters

-Fit guys have a good package (Dancer)

-Index and ring finger mismatched

Reasons he ranks low:

-Small lips (But still kissable)

(I had difficulty deciding who was last, but Hoseok only has 1 trait that says he ranks low.)

5) Jimin

Reasons why he ranks high:

-Thick lips can determine bulge size just as it can determine a woman's vagina (Plz save me from writing stuff like this). 

-Big eyes = Big thing

-Short and skinny guys aren't big, but short and bulky guys, you can be in for a surprise...

-Index and ring finger are really mismatched

Reasons why he ranks low:

-Taller men tend to have a bigger tent.

-Small hands (Yes, both hand and feet size can determine) (17.5cm)

4) Jin

Reasons why he ranks high:

-Big eyes can mean big size

-Big shoulders (60cm)

-Really mismatched ring/index finger

Reasons he ranks low:

-Loves his face too much, too confident and overly dramatic. (yes apparently this affects)

3) RM

Reasons he ranks high:

-Big hands (20 cm)

- Big feet (270cm)



2) Jungkook

Reasons he ranks high:

-Big eyes

-Tall structure

-Big feet ( 270 cm)

-Damn does everyone had mismatched ring and index fingers? (Cuz so do I).

1) V

Reasons he's number 1:

-Tall size (Taller than JK)

-Biggest hands in BTS ( 20cm). Apparently, he has the biggest hands (mentioned in Ask in a box), but his hand is the same size as RM.

-Big feet (270mm)

-Also his ring and index finger do not match.

Was I surprised that V was first?


Like I said, this list is not accurate and if I needed to post a whole mla8 format...

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