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    It is no secret in my family that I am obsessed with Newsies. It is also no secret that I prefer the original for many reasons [Spot and Race actually interact, Sarah, original "Santa Fe" (which I often cry when listening to because I live in New Mexico and am thinking of family in other states), tap dancing, Denton, did I mention freaking Sarah?]. Despite this, I do like the Broadway version too [How hot Race and Crutchy became, "Don't come knocking", the relationship between Jack and Cruchy, Jack sleeping on a printing press]. Therefore, I am mashing them up in this book [mostly just adding in Sarah though because she is practically perfect in every way].


Antonio (Race) Higgins - 23 (Broadway)
Sean (Spot) Conlon - 24 1/2 (Broadway despite my favoring of the original)
Kathryn Plumber - 24 (Broadway, she was just the female version of Denton though and we all know it)
Sarah Jacobs - 23 (Original because Broadway cut her out)
Jack (Cowboy) Kelly - 24 (I need help deciding, they are both beautiful)
Charlie (Crutchy) Morris/Kelly - 23 3/4 (Broadway)
David (Davey) Jacobs - 24 (original)
Les Jacobs - 18 (original)
Denton - 38 (original, obviously)
Elmer - 23 (Broadway)
Nico (Romeo) - 24 (Broadway)
Jordan (Specs) - 24 1/2 (Broadway)
Luis (Kid Blink) Ballatt- 24 (Original)
Nick (Mush) Meyers - 23 (Original)
Will be added onto


Angeles (Angle) Higgins - 4 (Pic below)

Angeles (Angle) Higgins - 4 (Pic below)

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