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Chapter One Hundred

Brooklyn rapidly knocked on the hotel room door of Arabella and Mikey's shared room. Mikey quickly swung the door open, Brooklyn rushing in, a panic look on his face.

"Brooklyn? Is everything alright?" Arabella asked, stepping out of the bathroom.

Brooklyn took a seat on the double bed, attempting to catch his breath. Tears building in his eyes as he looked down at the paper in his hands.

"Brooklyn, talk to us" Mikey smiled sitting down beside him. Arabella taking a seat on the opposite side of him.

He didn't say anything, just put the paper into Mikeys hand, and putting his head in his own. Mikey furrowed his eyebrows opening the note up. His eyes widened, his mouth dropping as he scanned the words on the page.

"What?" Arabella said worried.

Arabella read the note. Shock plastering her face.

Dear Brooklyn,
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry. But i can't do this, im taking myself and Evelyn far from here.
I wish you all the luck in the future.
All my love, Sophie x

"Brooklyn, i'm sorry" Mikey said pulling Brooklyn into a hug. Brooklyn wrapped his arms around the boy, crying into his shoulder.

Arabella read over the note multiple times, nothing was making sense.

"I'll be back" She said, jumping up.

"Where are you going?" Mikey questioned.

"I need to do something"


Arabella pulled everything from Sophs wardrobe, looking for a small gold box she kept all her important things in. Finally finding it she pulled everything out, looking for anything with Sophs handwriting on it.


"GUYS" she shouted running into the hotel room.

"Arabella, where have you been?" Jonah shouted.

"No time for that" She said pulling the paper from her bag.

"It's Sophie"

Brooklyn's head shot up.

"What?" He questioned quickly.

"Look, this is a letter she wrote to Evelyn! She kept it in her wardrobe, she asked me and Sian if anything ever happened to her Evelyn was to read this letter " Arabella quickly said.

"Okay, and your point?" Brooklyn asked.

"This isn't Sophie's handwriting on the note she left you. Somethings happened and i have a feeling it's Daniel"

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