Author's Note (VERY IMPORTANT)

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Hello everyone, Cláudia here!

So... It's really important that you read this, seriously, it will take you 2 minutes tops and it would mean the world to me

- Okay so I feel the need to say that you don't need to be a fan of 5SOS to read this story; the only thing I'll 'take' from them is their name and appearance.

- If you are not into alcohol, sex, drugs and/or strong language I strongly recommend you not to read this story, since this will most probably be an erotic book, with loads of sex ayeee

- Another thing, my main language isn't English so I'll mess up a little bit but I'll try my best because I feel like the ideas on my mind are worth sharing. I also don't have an exact location for this story (like US, Australia, UK..) because I grew up in Portugal and I'm afraid of not describing things correctly so let's just say this is a complete fictional place. Of course you can imagine it to be a place that you really like.

- AU means Alternative Universe not Australia for fucks sake

- Another important thing is, I don't have actors, singers or whatever to play the characters. I'll only use the 5SOS boys and I won't change their name, okay? Even the main characters, won't be famous people. I'd like to explain why because I feel like it's important: Famous people are litteraly perfect; and I want my characters to be genuine. Also, when I read, I like my mind to go somewhere else, I like to picture the characters as whoever I want (most of the time I picture myself in the story dON'T JUDGE ME) so yeah... oh but I'll describe them but feel free to change them in your head as long as you enjoy the story.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: The story is fictional. I'll make the boys as I want them to be; not as they actually are. So please don't think something like "ew ashton wouldn't act like that!" because this is not Ashton, or Michael or Luke or Calum; just like I said the only thing based on them is name and appearance. Okay? Okay. (hello tfios reference)


But I still have a couple of things to say...

Like I said, the story is mainly fictional, but of course like in all the books, there's some kind of autobiography. Some of the things that will happen are things that I'm uncomfortable about in real life but I can't to anything to change them, but in this story I'm in charge you know? However, I'm writing and posting this story for you; and I want you to enjoy it because I fucking love you.

If you have any questions, my contacts are mentioned on my bio! But if you want, you can send me a private message. I'll be glad to help!

Sorry I wrote way too much and I swear a lot but I really felt like this is important. Thank you if you read all of this, now go read the actually story!!!


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