02 - Practicing

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Chapter two! Woohoo! Thanks to everyone who commented, read, and voted on the first chapter! :)

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How do you dress when you're trying to hook up with most of the guys in your grade at school? The weekend went by fast and while I've been shopping frantically, Noah just looks calm and collected as if this would be easier than taking candy from a baby.

These few days we have made a list of all the single guys in our grade and this is the complete list of all the guys I will have to hook up with. If someone becomes single then it won't matter because they would have to be on the list before the breakup. The only way this list is changing is if someone gets a girlfriend, I don't want to be a home wrecker and as much as Noah would love to see a girl fight, he's on my side.

You see... our school didn't have those stereotypes that you saw in movies. There was a fine barrier between people thought that basically separated ourselves into three different groups. The people who drank, had parties, and just enjoyed life. The people who focus more on school but aren't considered nerds. Then there's a middle ground in there who did both. Noah is in the party group and I was too until I started going out with Blake and went to the one in the middle. Our school wasn't huge so everyone basically knew everyone and got along easily. Sure, rumors were spread and fights broke out but nothing was too serious.

Now back to the matters at hand, I groaned yet again and threw a shirt behind me.

"Damn, did your closet throw up everything?"

I turned around abruptly to just run into Noah. He put both hands on my shoulders to straighten me and raised one eyebrow that was used to ask what I was doing with all the clothes. I huffed out in anger and went back to trying to sort all them without good results.

"Have you decided which girl you're going to use?" I asked, staying away from the question in the air as I put a low-cut shirt on a hanger then put it in my closet along with all the other clothes that I had saved from my sophomore year in front until I was able to raise enough money from my job to get new ones.

"Nope," he popped the P. "I figured that I'd go to school tomorrow and pick whichever girl stands out to me."

I rolled my eyes at his carelessness. "Seriously? That's the only plan that you have? You're not even going to have a few girls in mind?"

"Nah, what do they say in the movies? Oh, it's going to be 'love at first site.' Ah, my dream!" He gushed which made me laugh a little. "What about you, what are you doing with all of this?" He motioned to the clothes then held out a tank top to study it.

"Isn't this from that one party in the beginning of tenth grade when you were," He wagged his eyebrows and I immediately started blushing. I remember that top fully. The strap on it was ripped in half due to the fact when I was wearing it Daren Edwards broke it while trying to feel me up. It wasn't something I was proud of.

Actually, I wasn't really proud of my sophomore year before I dated Blake at all. That was my 'partying' phase where both Noah and I were at the top of the food chain regardless of our ages. We were invited to the senior and junior parties and were still accepted among all grades. Once Blake asked me out, I went to the Melody I am now: Calm, collected, intelligent, and mature. I was the picture perfect type of girl that Blake liked. Now with this bet in mind, I have to go back to my old, partying, crazy girl ways to be able to kiss every single guy in the school before Noah makes a girl fall in love with him.

"Ew," He threw it back with my other clothes. "I don't even want to touch it considering all the germs that are on it."

"It's not like there are STDs on it!"

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