(Levi x eren) Slowley Slipping

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Eren was running around the track sweat and dirt on him from running around he took a sip of Hus water gulping it down harshly as it ran down his muscular chest he fixed his green stretchy jacket.

He looked ahead of him as he saw another young boy his age as he ignored him and began to continue running. He breathed in and out and soon he ran into the boy hard.

"S-sorry." He rubbed his cute small for head as the he looked up at the other man. His old highschool crush Levi R. He gulped hard as his gorgeous eyes darted away. For some reason eren managed to say "I'll race you." Levi's hand was placed behind eren as his dull eyes looked into mine "o' really?'

Levi took his spot and readyed for the race. He felt like he knew the little twerp who ran into him and challenged him to a race. That boy needs all the luck in the world. He flexed his tight ab muscles and his legs rippled in anticipation.

Levi tapped his foot and waiting for the other boy once Eren took his place they looked at eachother. Eren nodded as the two dashed.  There feet slamming against the ground as they ran side by side.

Soon Eren began to sweat as he passed Levi they went back and forth posing eachother when soon Eren finished first.

Levi's eyes widened as he looks at the panting boy with surprise in his eyes. He soon squints his eyes faintly remembering the boy. Arin? was that his name or was it Eden?  no way it was Eren!  Eren Yeager!  he finally remembers and gets lost in the other boys ocean blue eyes.

Eren smiles warmly a brush of pink on his perfect cheeks "uh Levi..? " he asked as the emotionless boy responds "your Eren Yeager right…? " he responded in his regular dull tone. Eren nodded excited that Levi remeberd him.

unfortunatly Eren had to go tend to his small puppy at home.  He gave Levi his number "Text me. " he smiled and troted off to his bike riding hit home wicked fast as his hair blows in the wind while he sweats literally  gallons.

That night Levi and Eren texted back and forth here is their coversation:

Levi:  Brat?

Eren : Uh yes… :3

levi:  oh hello,  what are you up too?

Eren:  Nothin'

Levi:  Very cool T-T

Eren:  I'm bored and lonely with my cat.

Levi:  I'm lonely as well….

Eren:  I would ask if I could stay over but we just met back up so.

Levi:  I don't mind you over be over by 6

Eren : okay see you


Levi was taking a nap drooling and sweating his shirt was off and he was on his old couch. He yawned and closed his eyes tighter. He snored.

Eren arrived at the exact time he was told he looked adorable with his slacks and black long sleeve.  He knocked on the door lightly "hello..? " he asked.

Levi groaned and stumbled to the door openeing it while he rubbed his right eyes drousey. He yawned and looked at you letting you in and closing the door behind you . Eren dropped his stuff on the clean floor and looked at Levi it was a bit late so they decide to watch a movie.

They were all cuddled up with a blanket and warm buttery popcorn they popped the snack in there mouth here and there as they jumoed in there seat watching the scary movie.  Soon Eren was ontop of Levi shivering on his chest while Levi sighed in annoyence and petted Erens hair and got a small smirk.  He was for some reason,  happy to have him in his arms. Soon they fell asleep.  And in the morining found somthing surprising.

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