the breath

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                                     The Breath

the houses breathe out the hot air of boiler pipes

and joins our own breath to float into the dark deep blue above 

whose eyes sparkle back at us a million billion times

the eye of God looking back to the rock of earth below with curious intensity 

and indifference alike through half closed lids that stare

softly into the brilliance of eternity

we seek the truth behind that sky and wonder at it’s depth

to know if God even knows what goes on behind the curtain

does he know if he too dies to see a day of judgement upon him?

does he stand to fail or pass if by matter of opinion he is judged

would those that have been taken from their loved and

stood before him in decision would they make the same for him

Or would they thrust him down upon the Earth to stand among man as one

to stand in judgement of himself before his own throne

to voice his own Salvation or Eternal Damnation

the breath of the houses still rises in the night to disappear forever

the stars shine upon us, twinkling of their historical wavelengths

and we watch them from Earth, we wait for them to vanish

and this is why i look to the sky on a clear evening

the magic and mystery of the universe

is the reason we all believe in magic or God

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