chapter 14

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Rosie pov:-

I looked at him confused that how he could know without me saying him, seeing my confused face he continued.

"This mark which I gave you connects us with each other, you will not feel the connection because we are not mated completely and me being the king, I have few of the advantages. I can feel your thoughts but not read or know them", he explained before he paused for a moment and I didn't push him, I needed time for myself before hearing.

"The witches who were captured earlier tried to manipulate your mind with bad thoughts but they were not intelligent enough to do it properly, those witches were new learner's, they were useless. Something messed up and my parents thought it was right time to show their appearance to you, I don't know what they said or talked to you, I just understood that you were summoned by them".

"How much long I was gone", I asked him hoping it was not too long.

"You were asleep for three days", my jaw hit the floor, I was gone for three days but it felt like few hours to me.

"I think all you do is fall unconscious or fall asleep for days, its becoming a new hobby of you I feel", he chuckled shaking his head , I playfully slapped his chest and fake glared at him.

"Its all because of you, you never allowed me outside, oh shoot I forgot to mention that I'm still angry at you", I wiggled out of his arms and sat opposite to him, crossing my hands below my chest.

"Can I have the pleasure of knowing why my little wife is angry at me", he rose his perfect eyebrow at me, like daring me to actually say.

" Yes you may, all this started because you didn't invite me with you to the dinning hall. Why didn't you invite me? are you embarrassed of me being your mate", tears started brimming in my eyes but I held on it, I was not going to cry again. Im Definitely not a cry baby.

"You were forced into this, you married me because you had no other choice, I wanted to give you more time to get used to this, I'm not a ordinary man but the werewolf king, as your my queen you have responsibility as equal as mine. I want you to learn things slowly and you were not ready to learn things yet. You're a perfect mate and a perfect woman but not a perfect queen yet", he stood up from his place and came towards me. He held his hand towards me, which I gladly took. He pulled towards him and started walking towards the other side of the garden.

Yes, I felt little offended when he told me I'm not a perfect queen, but that's the truth I don't have the education or training to be a queen but most of all I didn't have the courage to be a queen. I don't think myself to be strong enough to be the queen. I'm not fit to be the queen.

He abruptly stopped walking and turned towards me, he cupped my face in his hands and gave a small passionate kiss on my lips. I blushed deeply at his sudden action.

"Don't ever think that you are not fit to be a queen, what I meant is that your not still ready to be a queen", he tried to kiss me again but I turned my head. He looked at me confused.

"You should let me first then decide if I'm ready or not", I argued back, he chuckled at my words and bought me closer to him, his both arms wrapped around my waist and mine was placed on his chest.

"I didn't allow you because I want you all to myself, I wanted all your time to be mine and I wanted you to fall in love with me and love me endlessly, I wanted you to just dream about me and only me. I want you to keep me before other", I giggled loudly at his words, I don't know what got in me, I pulled his face towards me and crashed my lips to his. He was pretty shocked by my actions but soon composed himself and kissed me back with the same intensity as mine. I moaned in his mouth.

"You make me lose control", he groaned and leaned his head on my forehead. I just giggled at him and blushed deeply hiding my face in his chest. He put his head in the crook of my neck and kissed on the mark. I shivered at the contact, he bit on the mark, I moaned throwing my head back giving him more access. He placed wet kisses on my neck, sucking and nipping.

"Stop, we are outside", he stopped kissing and touched his forehead with mine. He exhaled deeply and gave a small kiss on my lips and walked in the same direction as before.

"Where is my parents?", In amidst all of this I totally forgot that my parents were here. My husband said that they were now one of the nobles. I was glad that they were not going to suffer being poor and me here being the queen.

"They had to leave with the human king and queen because they have responsibility now", I sighed sadly that I couldn't meet my parents. Thinking about parents I remembered my husband's one, I was glad that the topic was changed and he also seemed not interested to talk about them. Even I would not like to talk about someone who abused and tortured me for no reason, even if they were my parents. But now the question is, if ella was saved where was she now. I have not heard about her or seen her.

"Little rose", I turned towards him, his eyes were blazing in golden, I immediately knew that his wolf was in control now, my eyes widened in realization that he could feel my thoughts. His golden eyes were angry but sad at the same. I took a step towards him and hugged him in order to calm him. I felt a pang in my heart when he didn't hug me back. I refused to give up, I held his hand which were by his side and wrapped them around my waist and pulled his head on my shoulder. Thinking of a way to get this over.


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