The Seven Companions of the Dragonmark

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Meanwhile, back in Berk in Hiccup the Third's world, his friends were getting worried.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third had not come back for almost an hour. Usually, he was almost never late, but now it was almost an hour, and Hiccup's best friends, Fishlegs and Camicazi, were getting anxious, though Camicazi was trying not to show it.

"Oh, where is he?" moaned Fishlegs. "He's never late. Do you think something's happened to him?"

"Relax, Fishlegs," said Camicazi, waving away the thought with her hand. "He may only be a boy, but he's a clever kind of boy, he'll be fine!"

But he didn't come for the next ten minutes.

"Maybe we should try to find him," said Fishlegs. "Shadow here can help. He has great tracking senses." The Deadly Shadow's three heads crept up behind Fishlegs, blowing milky clouds of smoke from their six nostrils.

"We can help," said Innocence.

"Hop on," said Arrogance, gesturing at his back.

Both young Vikings climbed aboard the Deadly Shadow's shining back. "Come on, Stormfly!" called Camicazi. Stormfly the golden Mood Dragon who spoke Norse, flapped over towards her mistress, closely followed by the old, raggedy, wrinkled and small Sea-Dragon, the Wodensfang.

"Where are we going?" hissed Stormfly in perfect Norse, slightly irritated to be suddenly taken on another flight trip. The Deadly Shadow leaped into the air, and started to try to track the scent of Hiccup the Third.

"We're going to look for Hiccup," chirped Camicazi. She stood on Shadow's shining camouflaged back, balancing with her two legs only, and took a deep breath of the cold air of adventure slamming onto her face.

"The Seven Companions of the Dragonmark are back in adventure once again!" she yelled enthusiastically, punching the air.

"Oohhhh, brother," moaned Fishlegs. "So we are..."

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