chapter 11

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The next few weeks, you tried to ignore the pounding of your heart and stomach everytime you see his green eyes.

Keyword: tried.

You have often wondered why were you feeling this for weeks. It was really unusual that all of a sudden, your heart will be beating out of your chest, and you were afraid that it will come out anytime now. You wanted this to stop and just leave your body forever and never return.

But that didn't happen.

All through the week, he didn't talk to you, or even looked in your way. You didn't mind though, it was just what you needed to help your feelings get sorted out. You were kind of suspicious that he's been hanging out with Marinette lately, and him hanging out with Nino were frequent as well. He was talking to you a little now, he only wants a conversation with you if he wants something from you.

You didn't know why,

but it hurts.

Why? You didn't even know the real reason why he basically abandoned you and your friendship with each other. You don't why, but it hurts, seeing him walk past you. It hurts seeing him having fun with his other friends. It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts-

You shook your head. You need to get these negative thoughts out of your head, Y/N! You screamed internally, scolding yourself for being stupid and careless. He doesn't like you. He doesn't like you. He will never like you. 

All of a sudden, you slapped yourself hard in the cheek. It startled all of your classmates, making almost everyone looking at you in concern. Alya instantly placed her hand on your shoulder, slightly shaking you awake. 

"Er, Y/N?" Ms. Bustier chimed in with a worried tone. "Are you okay?" 

Your head snapped at the sound of her voice. You were not paying attention at all. "I'm sorry?" Man, were you loopy and stupid. 

"Are you okay?" She repeated. "Do you need to go to the nurse's office?" 

You gulped, feeling everyone's eyes on you. You paused, trying to think of the possibilities of what may happen if you choose this or that. Eventually, you came up with the decision that you'll just sit through it. You shook your head slowly. "No, thank you."

Ms. Bustier was a bit hesitant before turning around and facing the board. Just as she did, Alya looked at you with a concerned glance. "Are you sure you're okay?"

You nodded, ignoring the pain in your body. "Yeah. I'm fine." You sighed, scolding yourself once again that you shouldn't be focused on your feelings. You thought that it were useless. 

The bell rang, signaling that students must leave the school. Quickly, you ran home, without Alya or Adrien noticing you. Arriving at your home, you sighed in relief. You opened the door and was about to greet your parents until you heard their loud voices practically yelling at each other. You peeped by the corner, watching with blank eyes. You were used to it, as they fight almost every day. You forgot about greeting them and pretended to be deaf, just so you wouldn't hear their curses and hurtful words. You went upstairs and forgot about dinner and shower as well. 

Landing on your bed, you saw the clock hanging on the wall. 6:34 pm. You reached for your headphones and press 'shuffle' on your playlist. You set it on the right volume and faced the wall, trying to sleep. 

5 hours later, you had no luck. You removed one of the buds from your ears and suddenly heard your mom crying. You wanted to comfort her, but you're not really the passionate person, plus, you were scared of your dad. You were bored out of your mind. You can't sleep, as a picture of him suddenly flashed through your mind. 

Adrien Agreste.

end of chapter 11


wow, this was a short chapter! 

mind i remind you, that AKUMAS DON'T EXIST IN THIS STORY IM NOT SORRYso basically, this is a modern AU. this is based on a TRUE story guys, so im warning you that these people maybe a bit out of character. this is my first time writing in a computer!!! 

s a y o n a r a 


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