Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

I leaned into Niall as he wrapped his arm around me. The audience hadn’t stopped screaming yet, even though we were all seated and the interviewer, Jen I believe her name was, was trying to talk to us. Harry looked at the fans and pressed one finger to his lips, trying to get them to quiet down. It actually worked.

Jen smiled an overly enthusiastic smile, making me uncomfortable with the way she was eying Haz. “Now that I can hear, welcome to the show boys.”

Niall tightened his arm around my waist, nodding at the interviewer. “Great to be here,” he said along with the other boys various responses.

I just sat there, waiting to be acknowledged while one of the fans waved at me. I giggled and waved back at the young girl.

“So, you’re Kora, correct?” Jen looked to me.

I took a deep breath, somehow managing to smile. “That’s me.”

“Who’s this Kora you speak of?” Harry wondered.

Louis joined in. “Yeah, that’s Little Red!”

I rolled my eyes at the two boys and laughed at Jen’s confused expressions.

“Is that what you’d rather go by?” Her brows furrowed at me.

“Oh, no.” I chuckled. “Niall calls me Red and Louis changed it to Little Red on the way here because I’m smaller than everyone else.”

She nodded her head, seeming annoyed. “Okay, well, we’ll get to you in a few minutes. First, I want you boys to tell me your most and least favorite thing about America. We’ll start off with you Liam since you’re the closest to me.”

He smiled at Jen. “Most favorite… I’d have to say this time it’s being able to have my girlfriend Danielle with me. She’s been able to be on this whole tour with me because she’s dancing in our shows.”

I awed along with the whole audience.

“How about you, Niall?” Jen continued.

“My favorite thing has definitely been being able to see Kor.” He smiled down at me, making a huge grin form on my face. “I hadn’t seen her in five months because she was working at the Joffrey Ballet School, but she’s coming back home with me and going on tour with us. My least favorite is not being able to drink. I mean, come on, I’m Irish!”

I chuckled at him, shaking my head.

After the boys answered some more generic questions that they always answer, Jen turned to me. I linked my fingers with Niall’s, needing his support. He squeezed my hand, his other arm draping across my shoulder so he could rub circles on my arm.

“So, Kora, there’s all these rumors about you and your sister getting into a pretty serious fight at the concert last night. Can you tell us what happened?” Jen stared at me, making me even more uncomfortable than when she was drooling over Harry.

I chewed on my lip. Just be honest, I reminded myself. “She’s my stepsister, for one.” I looked to the crowd. “Please keep in mind this girl is thirteen as I explain this.” I turned my attention back to Jen. “Okay, my family doesn’t want me to go back to London. They’re the ones that made me come back here in the first place. They want me to be a ballerina, but that’s not what I want. Anyway, they’re willingly to do anything to ruin my relationship with Niall so that I won’t want anything to do with him. Clara, my stepsister, decided she would dress very… provocatively and go to the concert last night to try and get Niall to fall for her. I came into the signing just in time to see Clara trying to kiss Niall.”

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