Youth Fall Part 3 - And Then There Was One

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"It's Clara, looks like our suspicions are confirmed, they know what's going on. Orders?" She listens to the voice on the other end before replying with:



As soon as Lisa and Adam had heard the new recording and seen the proof in the case, they immediately went to the council. They had to know, Sinei had been drawing up a blank on the disappearances due to all of his sources disappearing before he could contact them, now they knew why.

"THOSE SLIMY, SCHEMING, EVIL BASTARDS!" Linda is well known for her strong language, considering what the council had just been informed of then it was a given that her reaction would be as such.

"All this time, all these years, all those people relocated to a computer simulation and they lied to us, saying that the city was so big that it was bound to result in pockets of less habitation but this, this is pure evil!" Inside the case, along with a new recorded message, was a handheld computer filled with videos talking about a secret mass computer simulation that was secretly hidden within the city, so hidden that even it's power usage was hidden away behind false readings.
The simulation has been in operation for a little over twenty years and going by the information retrieved, at least fifty people a month were being relocated once they underwent subliminal messaging treatments to make them willing to do what security ordered.

Every person who had been rescued when the land masses had been lost due to the rising sea levels, earthquake increases and extreme weather increases were all taken there to live out the rest of their lives while unable to ever escape. They didn't even know they were in a simulation, to them it was a real place.

Even worse was that time in the simulation went at a faster rate than in the real world, a year that passes in the real world is a century in the simulation. People were living their lives practically in the blink of an eye.

It was likely where previous employees of the Agency who have been disappearing one by one over the years have been relocated to and explained why the human population was in such a sharp decline in the real world.

Again according to the information the simulation was created so that the wealthy and powerful could claim the planet for themselves, lock away the general population while removing all support for the Agency, weakening them enough so that they would be easily relocated to the simulation when the time was right.

Without the support and approval of the general population then the Agency couldn't do it's job against a tyrannical government, they couldn't go against the mandate. There was nothing they could do.

"We still have five more years before those drills are estimated to come online, it should be time enough" Arthur remarks, both he and Linda managed the recruitment side of things and were married with four grown children. He wasn't known for rushing into things without Linda's backing, she was more hot headed than him and tended to fly off the handle which had earned her the nickname of 'Fire Knickers'because of her temper.

"It may not be enough time" Irene replies. "The human population is barely twenty five thousand now and declining with each month, now that we know why we should try to bring that simulation down and free those in it, we need their support" There was a problem with that plan though and Adam says as such;

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