Youth Fall Part 3 - And Then There Was One

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Her late mum would say that the springs would wear down over time, of course the arrogance of youth meant that she hadn't been paying much attention. Youth was, after all, wasted on the young. Not for the first time in recent years has Lisa wished she had listened more.

"Quit your aching" Lisa whispers to her body, for all her exercise and training her fifty year old body was making it very clear that it wasn't as young as it used to be.

Her back ached, her legs were feeling stiff and she was already feeling tired.  Ageing was a serious pain in the backside.

Oh she could take a desk job but she was and always had been for twenty seven years a field agent. She liked to be on the movie, not sitting behind a desk withering away while her spirit yearned for more.

Sadly her body wasn't one with her spirit these days.

"What was that?" Adam asks over the comm, he sounded tired and sore. His back was acting up a lot as well, before long he was likely going to need a walking stick.

"Just telling my body to shut up. Target is still sitting, they look around from time to time. Take them or send in Clara?" Clara is twenty five years younger, she had joined the agency two years ago and completed her training with flying colours.

She was a competent agent and would be a good replacement for Lisa once she's retired in five years.

"Clean shot?" Adam asks, there weren't a lot of people in the area and the recessed corner she's in has a decent vantage point of the area.

"Yes, so take or wait?" Clara was on the ground waiting, with the agency's older agents nearing retirement age then it was felt best for younger agents to be teamed up with older agents for experiences and health purposes, also in case the UEG got wind of how much the Agency knew and sent security after them.

"Take the shot, usual routine. I'll have Clara hold back until you're done" The usual being to secure the briefcase that their targets always had with them, call in a clean up crew and return to base.

Clara didn't know about the additional orders that the older agents were given, trust was still being earned from the younger agents. It was also part of the reason for the teaming up policy, until the younger agents could prove that they were trustworthy with what the older agents and the council knew then they weren't to come across the information and start asking questions.
There was a concern that the younger agents were loyal to the UEG and would report to them what the Agency knew.

Waiting until Adam has informed Clara, Lisa takes the shot once informed. Packing quickly, she heads down once done and retrieves the briefcase while calling for the clean up crew.

"What's in there?" Clara asks as she joins Lisa. Lisa doesn't reply, she couldn't say anything about the case.

"Wait here for the clean up crew, I'm heading back. See you later" Clara looks disappointed but accepts this explanation, Lisa leaves and Clara watches her leave while deactivating her comm. clip and taking out a small device from a pocket.

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