Chapter 16

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Meanwhile, at the western part of the campus, Erika went to the broken-in research facility that her teammates combed through last night. She walked up the steps and went to the third floor.

Of course, there was nobody around, and it was tapered off by the police. Like that would ever stop someone like Erika.

She walked up to the barricaded door of the research facility, and broke apart the structure, going inside. The research facility had been uncontaminated since it had been tapered off by the police. There was broken glass everywhere with flipped over chairs and desks that were broken in half.

She went over to the computer towers. They were smashed, but it looked like somebody took apart the computer and then broke it afterward. The shelves were in complete disarray, but it was just for show. Chemistry equipment was mainly on the shelf. Anything you could get from a science store.

The smell in the air was weird. She could identify all her teammates here by smell alone. But they were two smells that didn't belong here. A strong, robust smell like sourdough and a feminine lilac kind of scent she encountered before.

Always the peacekeeper, Ayeka-sensei, Erika thought as she walked around the room.

Erika was the pair of fresh eyes on the crime scene. One of the critical reasons why Selena wanted to hold Erika back from last night. They relayed most of the findings to Erika, and she would go back to the scene to find more clues.

Even though it was "staged" to be a rambunctious rampage of a monster on the loose, the carnage looked a bit too neat and organized. She went over to the broken window and looked outside. Looking down, there was a shrubbery hedge that was cut and uneven.

She did find a few things that were indeed missing. Like, impressions on some of the cabinets. It appeared something was here and was recently moved, judging by the discolored circular spots that were symmetrical to each other.

She could have quickly gone through the window and landed on her feet perfectly, but she didn't want to raise any suspicion. So, she walked out of the facility and went outside. There she ran around the facility and went to the broken bushes. She rustled through the fractured hedges and saw several vials on the floor. It appeared some of them might be carried blood while others were transparent.

She took the vials and put them in her pockets as she walked away from the facility. Strolling down the sidewalk with her hood up, she stopped, not really turning around. She felt somebody watching her. Not giving away her position, she started walking again.

But she was right, someone who was on a motorcycle was watching her. You wouldn't know who it was since he or she cleverly hid their face and likeness under a helmet and a long jet-black oilskin duster coat. The cyclist sped off in the opposite direction without incident.

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