Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Harrys P.O.V

I stood at the door a few more seconds longer to hear her cry. I looked to the ground wondering what I did wrong. What did I even do wrong? I went for a kiss then before I could even lean in she shoved me away. It just shocked me honestly. Women would tug me in for more but I...I've never seen a girl cry under my touch.

Well, I lie. Girls cry under my touch but it's purely because their orgasms take over their body.

I wait for about half hour to go by before I knock on her door again. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. There wasn't any response and I couldn't blame her, no one talks after a breakdown. At that moment I hear my phone ring and I take it from my pocket. I listen to the man announce that the furniture is downstairs all I had to do was pick it up.

Great, so I had to drag the furniture all the way to my room myself. Of course, Anna isn't in any mood and I didn't want to disturb her. But it wouldn't hurt to ask right? She can't be that selfish. 'Anna, you want to help me get your stuff downstairs? The guy just called.' I put my ear more towards the door and wait. I hear very small movement then I hear her small feet patter on the wooden floor.

I step back from the door and watch her emerge. I watch her look down avoiding any eye contact with me. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to hug that petite body of hers and kiss those thick lips of hers and maybe take her to my bed...teach her a thing or two.

I took a risk of touching her again and lift her chin. I lean down the slightest to look at her. She looks back at me and I could see all the pain that covered her face. The puffy, bloodshot eyes and her dull cheeks. And I felt my heart sink in my stomach. 'You okay?' I whisper. She nods her head but she doesn't answer.

She pulls away from me and straight away heads for the door. So, I don't get no hug? No thank you? No nothing? She should be glad I cared for her but if she is going to act like that so be it.

I follow on behind her watching her ass shake with every step she takes. I had to push the urge away to touch her and squeeze her and feel the warmth of her cheeks massage my hands. Oh, how much I wanted her.

There was something about this woman. The way she smiled and laughed and the way she did everything was so attractive and it all played on my heart. She had this hook on me that was reeling me into her and I couldn't get off it. I was confused. I never had this feeling for a girl, not since years ago at least.

It hasn't even been a week and I want her. There's no doubt I want her in my bed, but I wanted her as mine. In my arms, where no one else touched her. I didn't want others hurting her, I wanted her safe and full of peace.

I was getting addicted to her when I didn't want to.


All furniture was moved and I sat at the table sipping a beer that had been in my fridge for weeks. I watched her ass stretch against her tights as she bent down to unbox them. I was in another world imagining myself punish that ass. I could imagine myself rub my hands across it and I could imagine her face light up from the feel-good feeling of it.

A loud bang shakes me from my mind and I look at her with my eyes widened. The table leg that wasn't attached to her new table yet is in her small hands. She banged my table with that.

'Did you get pleasure by doing that?' I raised my brow and tilted my head taking a sip from my bottle. I watch her put the table leg on my table and she folds her arms in front of her chest. Oh, don't get me started on her chest.

'Could you please help me?' her pleading eyes and her gentle toned voice didn't want to make me help her.  I wanted to drink my beer. If I don't get a thank you from this morning I highly doubt one comes from helping her.

'What do I get if I help you?' I ask and I put my beer down. The thump from the bottom of the bottle was the last noise that we heard as she stared at me in utter anger. That's what I liked and she looked cute doing it too.

'What do you want me to do?' she drops her shoulders and her voice drops to almost sounding like a crack in her voice. Her eyes plead. She was vulnerable and weak under my voice and hmm I liked it.

'A thank you would have been nice this morning.' I take a sip of my beer and stare at her brown eyes as she thinks about my comment. Her face then comes to the realization. 'So, you're mad at me because I didn't thank you for helping me this morning?' she raises a brow, shocked at my madness.

I nod my head and she walks over to stand next to me. She bends her body down so her face was just inches away from me. I could kiss her. I could touch her. Oh, damn I wanted to. 'Thank. You Harry. For helping me. When I was upset.' She growls at me while trying to hide all her anger. Fuck, she was sexy.

'Thank you, Anna.' I hum at her as I take a sip of my beer while she was still in front of me. When it goes down my throat, I then take in the scent of her. The rich smell of her high-end perfume leaked everywhere.

She gets up from her position and she walks off to continue her job. My gut wrenches as I realized I could have kissed her and I let her go. I get up from my chair and I decide to help her. She death stares me the whole time but I worked through. The sarcastic thank you earlier on was enough for me to help her.

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