The Capitol

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I have never been to the Capitol. It is strange.
There a lot of fancy clothes worn by fancy people with posh accents and furry hats.
The street includes two restaurants and a tribute's training centre on one side, with an enormous controls building. As well as the tribute's hotel on the other.
In the distance, I can see a city of houses and a big oval-shaped arena(presumably used for the Hunger Games now).
Kara leads me and Daniel(the boy tribute from 7) to the hotel which we will stay in for the next three days(tommorrow:meet your stylist day, the next day: training and performing to gamemakers and the last day: independent perpetration).
Kara shows me my room and announces that dinner is at 9:45pm, so I'd better not fall asleep. Then she leaves me, so that she can show Daniel his room.
An hour later it is 8pm and after spending all my time watching the reapings/interviews at Tribute's treats, I decide to catch some Zs, despite what Kara said.
At half nine, I wake up and acknowledge my surroundings.
There is a blue lamp on a red bedside table by the black bed and white sheets I am laying on. There are also white curtains, an orange built-in TV and a grey mini-fridge(all of which I only know the names of because I found a booklet in the bedside table draw, explaining what everything is/does).
I think I drift off after that, because next thing I know, Kara Trinket is banging on my door, lecturing me about how much trouble the Capitol went through, just so they could plan this for us. And I know I shouldn't, that Kara doesn't understand what she's saying, but I can't help it. I turn on her. It is a drastic change, so sudden, even a cheetah couldn't keep up with what I was doing.
"WHAT?!" I screamed at her, yanking my door open.
"Ok, look, I didn't mean it like that..."
"Ivy, please, I'm sorry..." I cut he off again.
"WE ARE BEING SENT TO OUR GRAVES IN THREE DAYS AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS SORRY?!" My eyes turn cold and I feel a flurry of rage scratching at my voice box, trying to be heard. I am about to start yelling again when I see Kara's face. Her mascara has run like wild down her face, creating little black puddles for her tears to jump in.
"Oh my god, Kara I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me, I, I..." My voice trails off.
"It's fine, you're right, I shouldn't be talking about myself and my friends in your time of need," she begins, "dinner is ready," and with that, she leaves the room before I get a chance to give her a better apology.
Even though I an starving hungry, I feel too guilty to eat, so I just go back to my bed and try to clear my mind, before I cry myself back to sleep, remembering that I'll never see my family again. Remembering that they didn't even realise the last time we saw each other was the only chance of us exchanging 'goodbyes', before I departed to a different world of the non-living. That was the last time I will ever see their faces. Donald, my father. Short, thin, brown eyes. Ariel, my older sister. Tall, thin, green eyes(she got her looks from our mum). Marie, my younger sister. Short, thin, hazel eyes. Me. Tall, extremely thin, blue eyes.

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