chapter 8.

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I became more nervous with each breath. The performance is coming closer. Some of them have to go up soon.

Someone placed his hand on my shoulder. I flinched by the sudden action and turned around. It was Yixing.

"You look nervous.. don't be. You trained them well enough."

A smile formed itself on my lips. He started to look kinda surprised. Confused I tilted my head. Then he answered my question.

"You're blushing."

Shocked, I cupped my face in my hands. I became more red and he started to laugh. He seemed to be amused. Then he placed his hand on my head and ruffled my hair.

He stopped and said "It's cute tho."

I forgot to breath for that moment. Only I stood there because he left just now.

It's time for the first group to go up. I became busier because I had to fix their hair and do some make-up.

I watched the first group go up the stage. Hoping for great success, I linked my fingers into each other. The others were busy with warming their voice up.

Why was I worried?

I watched them with a big smile on my lips. They were absolutely amazing. My eyes were only focused on them.

Like that, every group passed by. Until the last group came. It's Xukun's group. I wasn't worried anymore because everyone did really well.

They went up and introduced themselves. My smile never faded. Not even once. The performance was breathtaking.

But one thing I only noticed after the performance was that I only focused on Xukun. I can't even explain it to myself why I did that.

I watched him leave to see the results. Meanwhile I went to the others to see how it went for them.

The things I heard from them were the results. Some of them were upset because they got the last rank and some of them were excited and happy about the higher ranks.

Then I saw Xukun coming back. He smiled and talked to the others until his eyes met mine. His walkspeed got faster and in a blink he was right in front of me.

"How did it go?" firstly I asked him.

"Got the first rank!" He smiled brightly at me causing me to smile even brighter.

"Really?! That is great!" I jumped up and down like a kid and held his hands.

"We should go eat something together to celebrate!" He offered me.

In an instant I became shy. "J-Just us two?"

He looked at me and smirked. "Yess. I won't eat you up or something"

I laughed and accepted the offer. He was surprised that I accepted.

- Time skip late at night -

I was at the practice room. Dancing on my own, since the others got time to get a rest. As I finished the dance I drank water out of a bottle and sat down.

I looked at my phone, searching for music to use. A few minutes passed by and I felt strange. As if someone entered the room.

Slowly I looked up and saw Yixing stand in front of me. I flinched and threw the bottle at him.

"Yah! You surprised me!"

He laughed and picked the waterbottle up. I watched him as he sat down. He handed me the bottle.

"I wanted to praise you. You did a great job.."

I drifted off the topic immediatly since I'm not good with compliments.

"Why aren't you resting yet?"

He smiled at me weirdly and asked "Aww! Are you worried?"

Suddenly it got hot and I started to blush. Then I turned away denying the fact.

"I-I wasn't worried at.. all!"

His expression became serious. "I heard of your 'date' with Xukun."

He got my whole attention as my eyes landed on him. The last thing I heard was:

"Don't go Y/N."

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