Chapter 1: So, What'd I Miss?

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"Dad, I'm leaving!" I called to my dad, George Washington.

Yes, you heard right. I said George Washington.

Before you could say "pomegranate", my dad was blocking the door like the protective dad he is.

"Why? Where are you going? Do I need to accompany you?" he demanded.

I chuckled and gently pushed him out of the way. "I don't think think that'll be necessary, Dad. I'm just going to see Thomas Jefferson. He's coming back from France today."

My dad crossed his arms. "Okay. Just don't come back here with a boy. Got it?"

I nodded, smiling gratefully. "Got it."
And I was out the door.


Virginia sure was beautiful, looking back on it. As I walked past stunning blue skies and exotic birds, all I could think about was Thomas. I had heard about all the things he did for our nation. I wanted to thank him for it.

I finally snapped out of my thoughts when I saw a huge crowd of people surrounding the harbor.

"Yep. Definitely where Samuel Seabury told us to gather," I said to myself, walking up to join the crowd.

I decided to be respectful and stand at the back of the crowd so I wouldn't be cutting in front of anyone. I hummed a tune, tapping my foot along with the beat.

A little bit of time passed, and my ears were greeted by screams of delight and a silky voice talking to people.

My cheeks flushed as the voice wrapped around my body lovingly. "That must be him," I muttered to no one in particular.

I stood up on my tiptoes and saw no sign of Thomas. And yeah, I knew what he looked like, (he was hot,) and I did not see him anywhere! That's when I thought, 'Frick being polite! I'm cutting!'

So I began to gently move past people, the words "excuse me" guiltily leaving my lips all the while. But, while I was doing that, I wasn't really looking where I was going, so I bumped into a very sturdy chest.

It was enough to knock me off balance, and the mystery guy helped regain it by grabbing my hand.

"Thank you," I said shyly as he gave my hand a little jerk so I could stand up fully.

"Anytime," he said back, smiling.
That was the first time that I actually got a good look at him, and...well...

He had an orbed cane in his clutches, had light brown skin, a well-trimmed beard, and the hair. Oh my God, the hair. It was so floofy that I wanted to touch it right then and there. He also wore a magenta coat that hugged his body very nicely.

I knew that handsome appearance. And I couldn't believe who had just helped me up.

"Thomas Jefferson?" I spluttered quietly.

He leaned on his orbed came and smirked. "Oh, so a pretty young lady knows me? Huh. Who would've thunk?"

His lack of proper grammar made me chuckle, and his flirty words made me blush. That's when I realized he hadn't let go of my hand since he helped me up. My eyes flickered down to our intertwining fingers and back at his chocolate brown eyes. Oh, yeah. His eyes. Its brown could entrance...okay.
I'll stop.

He saw my eyes look down at our hands, so he did the same. When he looked back up at me, he was smirking. He bowed down and kissed my hand. "I know that you already know me, but...I am Thomas Jefferson. And you, ma'am?"

"Y-Y/N..," I responded weakly, mentally fangirling over the fact that he kissed me. The more I thought about it, the more blush was on my cheeks.

He kissed my hand again, which made me lose it in my mind, but I tried to keep it cool on the outside. "That's a beautiful name, Y/N," he said.

"Th-thanks, Mr. Jefferson," I squeaked nervously.

Thomas stood up and waved me off. "No need for formalities, darlin'. Just call me Thomas."

I nodded. "O-okay, Thomas."

"So, what'd I miss?" he asked me. "While I was away, I mean."

"Uh...nothing, really," I responded weakly.

Thomas looked at me, smiling. "Cool. And I think it's great that America won the war."

I smiled. "My dad fought in the war. He partnered up with a lot of soldiers."

Thomas arched an eyebrow. "Who's your dad?"

I was about to answer him when various people started calling him. "Now, I must be off," he declared, slightly walking away from me. "But I hope to see you around."

He walked away.

When he was out of earshot, I squealed to myself. Thomas freaking Jefferson. Kissing my hand. AAAAAAH.


When I got back to my mansion, I was still swooning over Thomas. My dad greeted me at the door. "So? How was it?"

I just chuckled and said, "Thomas is really cute, and he kissed me."

My dad raced to the kitchen and got a bat. "I'll show h-"

That's when I snapped out of my daze and cut my dad off. "No! Dad. It's okay."

My dad grumbled and set the bat down. "Okay, but if he tries anything, I've got a bat waiting for him."

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Okay, Dad."

I was about to go chill in my room, but Dad stopped me. "Hey! Did you know that someone's moving into Monticello? You know, the mansion next door to us?" (Let's just make believe that Thomas bought Monticello after the whole France shabang.)

"Ooh!" I said, stopping in my tracks. "Are they here yet?"

My dad nodded. "Yeah, I think so. I'm pretty sure that they're getting settled down and whatnot."

I smiled and ran out the door to meet my new neighbor. I wondered who it was as I knocked on the door.

It opened to reveal Thomas.

"Y/N?" he asked.

Well, shi-

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