Part 28- Vylad's Apology

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Jess' Pov
I wake up from my sleep and see that my head was on Sly's lap "Where are we?" I ask sitting up "We just arrived at Asgard" Sly said opening the door of the car with Luna in his hands and he gave Luna to me, he opened the back of the car and got the bags "Jess, Vylad said we should talk" Zane whispered and I nod. We enter Asgard and place the things down "Sly, You carry Luna for a while because Zane want's me and him to talk to Vylad" I said and gave him Luna "Be careful Jess" Sly said and I nodded and we went to the back and it was already night time and we 3 sat down "So what did you bring us here for Zane?" I asked and Vylad silently cried "I'm sorry Aph" Vylad said and I looked at him "It's okay Vylad" I said and put a hand on his back "You could have died because of me, I shouldn't be here" Vylad said and stood up and tried to get out but the hand that was on Vylad's back grabbed his wrist and sat him back down and I hugged him "I deserved it anyway" I said "But you have your own family, I shouldn't have tried to kill you. I didn't mean what I said awhile ago in the car, I couldn't control my anger" Vylad said as he cried on my shoulder "I get that you care about me having a family but everyone here is my family, Even you" I said "But I tried to.." Vylad said "Shh, It's fine" I said and he cried on my shoulder and Zane was just making sure his brother was okay then he stopped crying and I used magic to change my shirt "A-And Zane, I didn't know about you having a really hard time because of us and because we were forcing you to do thing's you never even wanted to do, I'm so sorry" Vylad said and hugged Zane "No, It's fine. No one even knew aside from Aph" Zane said and hugged Vylad back and I decided to stay where I was and watch since both of them were having a brotherly bonding moment and I put my leg's up and watch "But I should have known that you never wanted to do those stuff" Vylad said "Vylad, You don't need to blame everything on yourself, As I said only Aph knew" Zane said "If I never tried to push you to doing thing's maybe not a lot of us would hate you, I'm not saying I hate you but.." Vylad said "You don't need to blame anything on yourself Vylad, I never chose to even tell anyone up to this point. I have already decided to live here since back at mystreet no one has still even knew that I hate doing thing's I don't like, But here everyone get's that not all the thing's they do is what I like, Like Jose he loves to play soccer and I don't want but he dosen't force me to do it" Zane said "But still if you would have told me then I shouldn't have done it all" Vylad said "Vylad, I get that since we are brother's that you have to look after me but it's fine, Don't blame yourself. I chose not to tell anyone" Zane said "Just promise to tell me atleast something" Vylad said and I smiled "Promise" Zane said "I love you big bro" Vylad said "I love you too" Zane said and I finally stood up "Vylad you should go wash your face" I said "Where though?" Vylad asked and we went back inside and he washed his face I sat down beside him and Zane and Vylad sat down "We're going to eat at the hall just so you know" Kala said and Sly gave me Luna who was awake "Okay" We said "So everything okay with Vylad?" Sly asked "He's fine" Zane said "What time is the dinner at?" I ask "At 10 pm" Castor said "It's still 7 pm so I'll have a nap" I said and Luna cried "I'll go feed Luna first" I said and went in another room then fed her and I told Sly to go in the room "So why did you want to bring me in here?" Sly asked "I wanted you to stay here is all" I said "Oh, Okay" Sly said and got on the bed and I put Luna on his chest and I lied down beside him and he moved Luna a bit so I can rest on his chest too "Sly, Make sure to wake me up atleast at 9 pm or 9:30" I said "I'll do that of course, Just get rest" Sly said. I wome up because Sly was shaking me a little "What time is it?" I ask still lying on his chest "It's 9:30" Sly said "But where'a Luna?" I ask "In her crib" Sly said and I got off him and Sly sat up while I was still lying on the bed and he got on my leg's and I raised my hand still on the bed and Sly put his hand on mine and helped me up and kissed me "Is this payback for trying to push you into the lake while we were eating?" I ask "Not really payback but yea" Sly said and got off me and I went in the bathroom and combed my hair then went out and got Luna and we went out the door "So you guy's ready to go?" Kala asked "Can we fly there?" I ask "No Jess" Sly said and we argued a bit if I can wear my suit or not. After a bit of convincing, I was finally allowed to wear my suit. We fly around and I think I saw two people walking in the woods.

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