Imagine 1: Cesar

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"Hold Me Down" by Daniel Caesar
(Your best friend, Cesar, is struggling to cope with not only being recently jumped into a gang, but also with his feelings for you. How much more can he take?)

It was a gloomy day in the golden state of California. The sun remained tucked behind the clouds, casting a gray cast over South Central Los Angeles. Your converse tapped against the sidewalk as you speedily made your way to your best friend, Cesar's house. You never minded gloomy days, nothing ever felt boring when you lived where you did. Especially, when your best friends with Cesar.

You knocked lightly on his door, feeling a mix of anxious and butterflies in your stomach. Usually, when Cesar would text "SOS", something incredibly terrible had happened and he needed you immediately.

"It's open!" you could hear him shout from inside. Slowly, you opened the door to find a seemingly empty house.

"I'm in my room, Y/N," Cesar yelled from the back of the house. You crept to his room, closing the door behind you. His back faced you, his hands gripping his hair.

"Cesar, what's going on? What happened?" you asked, trying to not sound as scared as you actually were deep down. No response. You walked up to him, grabbing his shoulder to turn him to face you. He winced under your touch and you released the boy once you noticed it was hurting him. Finally, he spun around to face you, revealing his cut up lip and bruised eye. You gasped, your hands covering your mouth. Tears filled your eyes, but didn't dare to fall. You knew it was only a matter of time until this day would come.

"You got jumped in, didn't you?" you said, sternly. His swollen eye couldn't hide the guilt that showed through. He dropped on his bed, his head in his hands.

"You don't get it, Y/N! There was nothing else I could do!" he exclaimed, getting choked up just thinking about what the rest of his life will be like as a Santos. You sat down beside him, rubbing sloppy circles in his back.

"I know what it feels like to feel trapped in your own life, but being a Santos was not your only choice. You can be the exception of your family without letting them down, Cesar."

He looked up from his hands, tears forcing their way down his cheeks. He immediately wiped them away.

"I just didn't want to disappoint anybody."

He broke down and laid into your arms, sobbing. You were the only one he could ever let his emotions out around. It took years for you to break down the tough guy exterior he had put up to the world, but you were the only one who made it pass.

You gripped his torso tightly to your chest, repeatedly kissing the top of his head. You whispered to him, "It's okay," or "I'm here", over and over again until his sobbing came to stop. He sat up from your lap and just looked at you and smiled.

"I love you so much, Y/N."

"I love you too, C. You're the greatest friend I've ever had," you replied back, making his grin flip to a frown. Anger was starting to grow in him, it was apparent in his furrowed eyebrows.

Cesar stood from his spot on his bed, storming out of his room to outside his house. You chased after him, the wind harsh against your ears.

You spotted him, rushing down the sidewalk across the street.

"Cesar! Wait!" you yelled after him. Eventually you caught up to him and grabbed his shoulder, making him cry out again.

"Shit, god damn it, can you stop fucking doing that!" he yelled at you. You were taken aback by his harsh words.

"What is your problem, dude? I was just trying to be there for you!" you scolded. He laughed sarcastically.

"You really don't get it, do you? We have been friends for so long, Y/N, how can you not know me at all?" he argued. You scrunched your face in confusion.

"What are you talking about?"

"Isn't it obvious? I fucking love you, Y/N. I think about you all the time, everyday. You drive me insane in the best way possible. It's always just been you in my eyes. No other girl has ever made me feel the way you make me feel. It kills me knowing you don't feel the same way, and every time you call me 'friend' it just hurts because I know I could be so good to you. Good for you. I didn't mean to be an asshole, but I can't fucking hear you call me that one more time, even if you don't love me."

You stood there, in awe of every word that had just left his lips. Your body felt numb, almost as if you were high. He stared into your eyes, looking for any sign that you felt the same way.

He shook his head, looking at the ground, before turning to continue down the sidewalk.

"I'll see you around," he said, monotonous.

You reaction finally hit as you ran to Cesar, grabbing his beaten face into the palms of your hands, pulling it to smash your lips into his. He immediately kissed back, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you in to press your bodies together.

You pulled away, smiling and blushing.

"I love you too, Cesar."

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